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The ace confrontation between Hyunjong Yang and Gwanghyun Kim that took place yesterday was decided by KIA’s new gun, Woohyuk Byun.

Reporter Kim Soo-geun met Byun Woo-hyeok, a player who dreams of representing the Asian Games with his long hitting power recognized by others.

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-hyeok was helpless by Kim Gwang-hyeon’s changeup in his first at-bat.

But the second at-bat was different.

“The ball rolled up is high to the left~ over the fence” He

kicked that changeup properly and hit his third home run of the season.

[Byun Woo-hyuk/KIA]
“(In my first at-bat), I acknowledged that ‘the changeup is really good’ and came out, but I was able to hit a home run with the changeup I had been fooled by, so I gained a lot of confidence.”

Just as I helped Hyeon-Jong Yang to his first win of the season with his first home run last month… I was even more proud as it was the final shot that led Hyeon-Jong Yang to victory this time.

[Byeon Woo-hyuk/KIA]
“(Yang Hyeon-jong) passed by and encouraged me, saying, ‘You did well.’ I want to play like that to help him win more games in the future 토스카지노.”

In 2017, when he was a sophomore in high school, his slugging power was recognized enough to finish runner-up in the US Home Run Derby, but after joining Hanwha, Byun Woo-hyuk could hardly take off the tag of a promising player in the first team stage.

After moving to KIA, while attempting technical changes, meaningful results led to confidence.

[Byeon Woo-hyuk/KIA] “I lift my legs slightly now. I
‘m doing a little leg kick, but it came out of the process of correcting it so I can use it better…”

Byun Woo-hyuk has a lot of things.

He carefully revealed the goal in his heart, saying that he would make a sure blow when the team needed it rather than being conscious of his batting average.

[Byeon Woo-hyuk/KIA]
“Taegeuk mark is every player’s dream. As I was on the reserve list, I will make the most of the given opportunity and show a good image.”

This is Kim Soo-geun from MBC News.

Video coverage: So Jeong-seop / Video editing: Kim Min-ho / Video courtesy: YouTube Only One Eagles

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