Will Ohtani Shohei (29, Los Angeles Angels) be the brightest star in the All-Star Game. It is possible if Otani, who was selected as an All-Star in both the 메이저사이트 pitcher and batter categories, continues his performance this season on the mound and at-bat.

Otani will play in the All-Star Game for the third consecutive year. In the Major League Baseball All-Star vote, Otani won the most votes in the American League. He was named in the All-Star Game starting lineup as a starting hitter. Otani has a batting average of 0.303, 31 home runs, 68 RBIs and an OPS of 1.054 in 84 games as a batter this season. He is ready to hit 60 home runs.

Ohtani was also selected as an All-Star by Major League Baseball players’ votes. He has 7 wins and 3 losses and a 3.02 ERA this season, and his batting average is 0.180, the lowest in the Major League.

The key is whether Otani, who was selected as a pitcher for the two-hit All-Star, will take the mound as a pitcher. Phil Nevin, head coach of the Los Angeles Angels, said, “I don’t know if Otani will be a pitcher in the All-Star Game. There is no difficulty in taking the mound on schedule. It’s up to Otani to decide,” he said.

Otani started as a starting pitcher and No. 1 and designated hitter for the first time in the All-Star Game in 2021. However, he only played as a batter in last year’s All-Star Game.

This season, Otani is showing off his strength enough to be bloodless in the league MVP. If he continues his momentum to the All-Star Game, he is likely to hold the All-Star Game MVP

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