Major League regular season is running toward the end of the Major League.The team’s schedule more than 90% of the team schedule.Although wild card characters are not determined, the regular season, only two weeks left.As the postseason is expanded, it is not further added, it is not further added that the regular season game player will be added.

This year’s regular season is “Time” this year.”All the team’s salary 1, 2, 3 teams fell.On the first place, New York Mets’s annual salary of 3 billion dollars.It was an unprecedented scale in history.The second New York Yankees also failed to expectations.스포츠토토

The annual salary ranking of the opening game

  1. Let’s go to New York Mets – 3 billion dollars
    2.192 billion won. – 2 billion won
  2. San Diego Paris. – 2 billion won
    4.13 million won. – 2 billion won
  3. – LA Dodgers. – 2 billion dollars
  4. Taeam race – 731811 million dollars
    29th. Baltimore Orion – 6072 million dollars
    30th. Oclareland – 5689 million dollars

The third-largest team in San Diego is San Diego Parker.The first place and the Yankees were a team that can use a lot of money in terms of New York City.However, San Diego has been strong enough.It wasn’t a long time to write money.So awkward this season, which has launched a large investment in large investment.

San Diego wrote more money than seen.It is not only about the external recruitment, but the cost of extended contract costs over 5 billion dollars.Total expenditure reached 9 billion dollars.

San Diego, San Diego failed to enter the postseason.Postseason is unclear and 5 wins and 5 wins.At the time left 15 games, it must upload more than 12 wins and 5 wins and 5 wins.Originally, the goal was the Dodgers, but the current Seung rate is as Pittsburgh.

The team with poor performance is remarkable.Except for real points, the majority of minorities.Currently, the Major League Baseball’s highest winning rate is +242, while the lowest number of Major League Baseball is -184.It is rare to see if the team is not compared to this extreme comparison, it is rare to see if the team does not compare it.

This year San Diego was out of this year.Seung rate is 5 million, but the score is +60.Among the teams who are less than 5 wins and less than 5 wins.As a result, San Diego is showing 80 wins67 losses in expectations based on the acquisition room.If this performance is 0.5444.

▲ Cy Young Award candidate Blankel

San Diego, San Diego has made the mound.The total score is 614 points in the league with 614 points.San Diego’s average score 3.92 corresponding to the league 3rd place.In particular, the selection team also climbed to the overall 1st place by July.

The challenge of San Diego was simple.It was to pick up enough points.San Diego scored 674 points from a total score.The entire net was exactly intermediate.Overall, it seems to support sufficient scores, but there were disappointed parts.San Diego didn’t come out well.

The hit cannot explode throughout the season ( Seattle)So when the batting sense, it should be able to prepare scores in different ways.This is expressed as a score manufacturing.

San Diego didn’t work well.When the other lines burst, it was burned, but if the batters were stopped.The temperature difference in temperature difference.Two digits scored 15 games, but there were a total eight-digit score, but there were a total of the fourth inning, but the fourth largest number of Gyeonggi-do Province.

The reason why the score gap can be found in scoring rights.In fact, the score of scoring rights was not resolved this year.Although it worked hard based on excellent pioneering proposals, the main players went out of scoring rights.Until May, the score of scoring rights was 0.922.The higher the score of scoring rights, but the score has been recovered, but the injury gap in the mound when the other line has improved.The recruitment of the trade deadline, the recruitment was not available when the trade deadline.

San Diego monthly score (right)

April – 08. (28)
May – 0.75 (30)
June – 0.236 (22)
July – 0.22 (7th place)
August – 0.260 (12)
September – 0.294 (12)

The weakness of San Diego is also confirmed in other indicators.Late & Close refers to the situation when the 7th inning, or a tieholder is on the loop.You can guess what looks at the game competition.In this category, San Diego was only 0.195.It was the lowest in Major League Baseball ().

San Diego’s bed is embarrassed.I heard a lot of balls before the opening.It was a decision that took the rest of the defense in defense.In addition, Fernandez Jr. was expected to be better than last year, so it was expected to be better than last year.

Bob Melbin said last year, “Tiz & Presidents & Presidents & Presidents & Fredman (Tiz & Presidents & Fredman) last year.However, Big 4 did not repay the trust.The biggest failure of San Diego, the largest failure of San Diego, also reported that the biggest failure of San Diego.Big 4 was more sad compared to the Dodgers, who started to the MVP competition.

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