‘Inner and outer circle’

There’s no better way to describe the current state of women’s golf in Korea. The popularity of the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour is skyrocketing, but the performance of Korean players on the LPGA Tour is not what it used to be.

It’s clear that women’s golf in Korea is in crisis. They say that heroes emerge in times of trouble, and that’s exactly what has happened in the Korean women’s game.

This is ‘monster rookie’ Bang Shin-sil (19-KB Financial Group). She first caught the attention of fans in April when she hit a long shot that averaged 280 yards, including a longest of 320 yards on the final day of the season’s first major, the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship.

Despite not having many opportunities to compete in tournaments, Bang Shin-shil’s trademark long shots helped her expand her fan base by competing for the title, and she finally won the title in her fifth appearance of the season. He won his debut victory at the E1 Charity Open, which concluded on the 28th of last month.

먹튀검증 His victory was even more remarkable for another reason. He overcame hyperthyroidism, a condition that can be fatal to athletes. Bangsinsil was diagnosed with the disease two years ago. She lost more than 10 kilograms of weight and experienced extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, and lethargy.

The former national ace was so affected by the disease that he was conditionally seeded 40th in the seeding match last November. Thanks to consistent care, her condition has improved, but she is still wary of overexertion.

After being unable to compete in more than 10 tournaments this season, Bang Shin-shil is now eligible to play the entire season, starting with the Celltrion Queens Masters on September 9. She’s landed on her feet.

It was all about her own hard work. Her impressive distance is a testament to that. Bang wrestled with his swing stick every day in winter training to improve his distance, and it paid off, as his swing speed increased, adding 30 yards to his average driver distance of 250 yards.

And we can’t forget about “Mr. Tall Legs. Our sponsors have been a great support. Our sponsor is KB Financial Group. KB Financial Group signed a contract with Bangsin-sil early last year, when he was still an amateur under KB’s sports team’s unpopular sports and prospect priority support program.

KB Financial Group’s sponsorship of athletes is somewhat different from others. Once a relationship is established, it is a family affair. Park In-bee and Ahn Song-i, who have been sponsoring for more than 10 years, are a good example. In short, they create an atmosphere where the athletes can relax and focus on their sport without any pressure.

They also avoid overt commercialization. As a rule, sponsored athletes only wear the company logo on the front of their caps. This is to reduce the weight of the pressure on the athletes.

Instead, they only want them to have a “good influence”. Just as Park In-bee gave birth to many “Invy Kids,” Ahn Song-i overcame her childhood struggles to grow up, and Bang Shin-sil overcame her illness to become the savior of the next generation of Korean women’s golf.

Her role model is world No. 1 Jin Young Ko. She wants to emulate her strong mentality and sincerity. For Bang to become the best player in the world, she needs to work hard, but she also needs sponsors and fans to help her along the way. We shouldn’t forget that his disease is not cured, but rather in a state of remission. He is still sick. So let’s try not to stress him out as much as possible and just enjoy the ride and see where this new chapter in golf history ends up.

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