It has been argued that the reason Ivan Perisic’s performance is below expectations is because of Ben Davis.

He is a veteran defender from Croatia. His vigorous activity is his biggest advantage, and his active contribution to the attack stands out. He gained experience through Dortmund, Wolfsburg, Inter Milan, and Bayern Munich, and enjoyed a second heyday under manager Antonio Conte from the 2020-21 season. In his last season, he recorded a whopping 8 goals and 7 assists in the league alone, becoming a model for an offensive fullback.

Ahead of this season, he joined Tottenham Hotspur. It was because there was a call from manager Conte, who had joined the team in Italy. As much as he is trusted by manager Conte, he immediately established himself. He has appeared in 39 games, including cup competitions, and is posting 1 goal and 11 assists.

But fans insist that Perisic should perform better. In fact, compared to his last season, his offensive points and impact have decreased significantly. He often received more negative reviews than positive reviews, such as showing that he still doesn’t get along with his colleagues. 메이저놀이터

Ryan Taylor of British media ‘Give Me Sports’ had the same opinion. However, he said that Perisic’s sluggishness was not entirely his fault. He defended Perisic, saying “several other factors seem to be involved.”

He also said that the irregular selection frequency hindered Perisic’s development. “Conte used the rotation often. He also used Davies at left-back. That prevented Perisic from starting regularly. Early in the season, Davies played as a wing-back.”

“I know that Davies moved to the back three after that, but that didn’t make a pleasant change for Perisic. Tottenham fans will feel the same. They expected more from Perisic. Free agency (FA) Considering that he was brought in, it was a good enough signing, but it didn’t have a good effect.”

However, Taylor’s opinion is somewhat questionable. According to the football statistics media ‘TransferMarkt’, Davis played as a left fullback only 4 times in 25 league games he played this season. From the opening game, he started the game as a center back in the back three. On the contrary, this season he has played more Ryan Sessegnon than Davis as a left fullback.

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