Can T1 succeed in the ‘Lion Hunt’?

On the 10th (local time), the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) Bracket Stage 1 Round 2 will be held at Copper Box Arena in London, England with T1 and Mad Lions. Attention is focusing on whether T1, which is considered the strongest among MSI’s second seed teams, can defeat the LEC’s first seed.

T1 lost to Gen.G in the finals and received the second seed in the LCK, but they showed that they are not a weak team by winning first place in the regular season and reaching the finals in the playoff winners match. And for Mad Lions, it was like accepting the worst match-up of the 2 seed matches.

Although the tail of the runner-up was attached, if you think differently, T1 can be interpreted as a team that shows steady potential to get close to winning at least in any competition. Mad Lions also couldn’t hide their confusion when T1 was selected as their opponent in the video during the group draw. 바카라사이트

In terms of team overall indicators, T1 is all ahead. The 14-minute gold gap is more than a thousand, and the average turret difference per match is 4.6 for T1 and 1.2 for Mad Lion, with T1 overwhelmingly exceeding it. T1 is superior in objects such as dragons, canyon messengers, and barons.

T1, whose team’s status and indicators are all smiling. Expectations are high as to whether the second seed will show a scarier appearance than the first seed and make it to the winner’s round.

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