A new opportunity has arrived. 2021-2022 KOVO New Draft 2nd round 2nd place, wearing a KB Insurance uniform. His courageous appearance on the court was enough to captivate fans. His transfer to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the middle of the season in his second year as a professional player became a springboard to develop his presence. Yang Hee-jun’s volleyball life went back to the first chapter. What would Yang Hee-joon’s paintings on white drawing paper look like? met Yang Hee-jun, a young man, not Yang Hee-jun, a player who adds vitality to the winter coat.

I am ‘Yang Hee-Jun’!

Q. This is your first interview with , and I am curious about your impressions.
I was nervous. I know a lot of volleyball fans watch it. So it seems more tense. I want to make my fans happy and I will try to show my honest side.

Q. Did you know how the ‘Lifestyle’ corner works?
I didn’t know at first. I found that Hyundai Capital (Kim) Seon-ho was featured in the last December issue. It was fun. It’s like an interview with a normal conversation.

Q. What is MBTI?
ESFP. Originally, I was an ENFP, but recently I heard that the question had changed, so I tried it again and it changed (laughs).

Q. Who do you often contact?

This is Shin Seung-hun of KB Insurance. I often call and keep in touch.

Q. Can you describe yourself in one word?

I would like to express it as ‘passion’. When I’m resting, I enjoy leisure or exercise, but I do it with passion no matter what. I would like to express it that way. Q. What is your greatest strength? I think a lot of positive thoughts. In any situation, I try to look in the good direction, not the bad part. So it seems more fighting. Q. Are there any special items in your bag that are different from others?

I carry a tail comb in my bag. I use it when drying my hair and I think I brush it often. (The frequency of use is .) It’s not a lot, but I brush it when my hair is damaged. (I wonder if I carry it even if I don’t bring a bag.) I always take it with me. Put it in your pocket or inside pocket and take it with you. (The reaction of the people around me.) I brush it secretly in the bathroom (laughs). It’s a secret, but I don’t know if my friends will make fun of me if this goes out (laughs).

Warm bedding and a volleyball or soccer ball come to mind first. You have to spend time playing with a ball, even if you are alone. And I want to bring my hunting tools too. (Have you ever hunted?) I’ve never tried it, but I often watch hunting videos. Something like Bear Grylls (adventurer and TV host). I think I can follow along.

#Designing your own future

Q. What kind of person is Heejun Yang, who you dreamed of in your teens?
He started playing volleyball when he was in his third year of middle school. Until his early teens, he vaguely thought he would do what his father did (laughs). But after he started playing volleyball, he liked it. He seems to have thought of becoming a good volleyball player. (I’m already in my mid-20s, how satisfied are you?) About 40%. I don’t think it’s even half of what I wanted to do well. I think I should try harder.  

Q. Is there anything you really want to achieve before 2023 ends?
It was the season when you transferred to a prestigious team called Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. I want to do well without injury and finish well. Personally, I want to grow in the blocking part and help the defense.

Q. I am curious about your goals as Yang Hee-joon.
My biggest goal is to become a good volleyball player and want to play volleyball for a long time. And I have a dream about getting married. I want to be a good father and husband. Of course, I also want to be filial to my parents. My goal and wish is to live normally, like everyone else.

Q. Since it is the year of the rabbit, what kind of year do you want to spend?
As the Year of the Rabbit has come, I hope that not only me but also other Rabbits will be able to achieve what they want to achieve. Personally, I want to show only progress without injury. If the team’s performance is good, I think it will be the best year.

Q. Please say something to your fans!

There are many fans who support Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Every time you support me, I feel so grateful. All of our players are trying to show a good performance. We will show you that we are not disappointed. Thank you for always!

Yang Hee-joon, who is not a volleyball player, was bright and cheerful. He was in his 20s, enjoying his youth. He was sometimes shy, but we could get a glimpse of his determination in the way he boldly talked about his dreams and goals. Heejun Yang said, “I did a lot of interviews even in college. It was new because he doesn’t talk about volleyball. Fans may not know how I am usually, and I think there are also people who are curious. It was a meaningful time because I was able to let you know a little about me,” he said with a smile until the end. His blue color matched well and reminded him of the clear sea. I hope I can continue the image that was full of stars in my heart. 카지노

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