A local report has emerged that Robert Moreno (46), former head coach of Barcelona, ​​a prestigious European football team, and former head coach of the Spanish national team, has emerged as a candidate for the new coaching position of the Korean national soccer team.

Spanish sports media As reported on the 11th (local time), “This month, former coach Moreno is attracting attention from Ecuador and Korea, who are looking for a head coach after the World Cup in Qatar.” “The two countries put former coach Moreno on the radar as a candidate to lead a new project after the World Cup, which ended with the resignation of Gustavo Alfa and former coach Paulo Bento, respectively.” The media did not report on whether the Korea Football Association officially proposed it to former manager Moreno. It was also not disclosed how the two sides contacted each other.

Former coach Moreno is a person who has long been in harmony with former coach Luis Enrique, who led Spain from 2018 to this World Cup in Qatar. In 2011, he was appointed as the head coach of AS Roma (Italy) and assisted former manager Enrique, who was the head coach at the time.

In 2014, former coach Enrique took the helm of Barcelona, ​​and former coach Moreno also coached world-class players such as Lionel Messi (Argentina), Luis Suarez (Uruguay), and Neymar (Brazil) as head coach for three years. In 2018, former coach Enrique was appointed as the coach of the Spanish national team, and former coach Moreno also moved to the national team. 바카라사이트

During this period, former coach Moreno was recognized for his leadership, leading Spain to advance to the 2020 European Football Championship (Euro 2020) and minimizing the gap for former coach Enrique. Upon the return of former manager Enrique in November 2019, he started his own career as AS Monaco (France) manager and took his first steps as a club leader.

However, unlike his achievements with world-class players under former coach Enrique, he was sacked in July 2020 after finishing the 2019-2020 season in 9th place in Monaco. After that, he failed to complete a year in Granada (Spain) and was hardened in March of last year. Under the Moreno system, Granada fell to 17th, near the relegation zone in the 2021-2022 season, and eventually finished the season in 18th and was relegated to the second division.

After the resignation of Bento’s former coach, the Korea Football Association, which is seeking a new head coach by setting up a National Team Power Reinforcement Committee led by Chairman Michael Müller, said, “Considering the specificity of the coach appointment negotiations, the entire process will be conducted in private.”

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