Eventually, Messi bowed his head. Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain, who made the European football world buzz over the past week, has apologized for his unauthorized departure to Saudi Arabia.

Messi bowed his head while apologizing through his social media on the 6th (Korean time). “I apologize for my actions. “I thought there would be a rest day after the game, like last week,” he said. Besides, I had canceled my trip to Saudi Arabia before, so I planned to go to Saudi Arabia again and couldn’t cancel it.”

Prior to this, Messi left the team training without permission and flew to Saudi Arabia to spend quality time with his family.

After playing the 2022-23 French Ligue 1 home game against Lorient on the 1st, Messi moved to Saudi Arabia with his family to shoot a commercial for the tourism agency.

He has been absent from PSG’s training. Originally, a day’s rest was supposed to be given after the match at Lorient, but the team lost 3-1, so coach Galtier canceled the break and ordered training. However, Messi, who had already decided to go to Saudi Arabia, could not attend PSG training, and the club imposed a two-week ban on Messi.

Messi is not only banned from participating, but he is also banned from team training with his teammates. He also doesn’t even get two weeks’ pay. Of course, it’s not a lot of money for Messi, but Messi’s image, which has been ‘exemplary’, has been greatly damaged.

PSG coach Galtier said, “It is a clear fact that the team’s performance will deteriorate further due to Messi’s punishment.” “The club’s punishment has nothing to do with me. I was just notified of the club’s decision,” he lamented Messi’s punishment. In particular, PSG is only 5 points behind second-placed Marseille. It is also the time when Messi is needed as a manager.

When Messi’s departure to Saudi Arabia was revealed after his unauthorized departure, PSG fans were also divided and there was an uproar at the Paris Saint-Germain club, with ‘pro-Messi’ fans and ‘friends’ fans clashing with each other. Some fans flocked to Neymar’s house and demanded that he be removed. Other fans also raised their voices to step down from the club’s leadership at this time. 토스카지노

As the situation spread out of control, Messi issued a statement of apology and bowed his head, avoiding the crisis for the time being. Messi will part ways with Paris Saint-Germain at the end of this season.

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