DPL Kia ‘Showmaker’ Heo-soo encourages rookie Jo “Rachel” Min-seong after a tough debut against OK Savings Bank Brion.

The DPL Kia suffered a 2-1 upset loss to OK Savings Bank in the second week of the regular season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer League at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Friday. The lone second-place team went 2-1 (+2), allowing T1 and Guangdong Freecs to catch up. 안전놀이터

The result was a surprise as Deeple Kia had won two games and OK Savings Bank had lost two games. The team looked sluggish and sloppy throughout the first two sets. “I thought we played well enough to win,” said Heo, who visited the press room with head coach Choi Cheon-ju after the game, “but it’s a shame we lost.”

The team lost Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu on the 14th as he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Cho Min-seong took his place. “It happened suddenly yesterday, so we didn’t have time to practice with him (Cho), but I think he did a good job,” Heo said, adding, “We lost because our brothers were bad.”

The timing of Kim Hyuk-kyu’s return is still unknown. The Defiant will face the Nongshim Red Force on the 18th. Heo said, “We don’t know what the next game will be like. It’s important to prepare well and show a good performance,” he said. “We lost with a disappointing performance, but we won’t be discouraged. I hope Min-seong doesn’t blame himself either.”

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