Sim Jun-seok (19‧ Pittsburgh), who started his major league challenge, started off by showing good condition in the first practice game.

Sim Jun-seok, who is building up his body at the club’s training facility in Bradenton, Florida, pitched in his own practice game on the 26th (Korean time) and played one inning. Shim Jun-seok struck out two in one inning that day, and the other out count was a ground ball.

Shim Jun-seok showed off a fastball of up to 98 miles (about 158 ​​km) that day. As he pitched one inning, the variation in his velocity was not that great either. He threw a ball averaging 96 to 97 miles (about 154.5 km to 156.1 km). It was a lightly warming up game between the two, but it was revealed that he maintained the speed he had taken during the recent practice. He tested his senses by throwing curveballs and other curveballs as well.

Shim Jun-seok, who signed an international amateur contract with Pittsburgh ahead of this season, has not yet been assigned to the league. There were various rumors about him, such as an ankle injury, but there was no problem with his body, and it was known that it was because of administrative problems.

Shim Jun-seok throws the ball steadily through bullpen pitching and live pitching, waiting for the upcoming league dividend. As the days get warmer, his speed gradually rises, and it is expected that he will raise his innings and pitches through future matches.

Although it is a practice game, if he shows good pitches and content, there is a possibility of minimizing his stay in the rookie league in the future. Because if he proves he’s above rookie league level, he doesn’t have to pitch at that level for long.

This year’s goal seems to be to go up to Single A at any point, but Shim Jun-seok’s current restraint and physical condition seem to be gradually approaching that goal. 바카라사이트

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