It started with a poor report card. The Korean national baseball team recorded 2 wins and 2 losses in the first round of the ‘2023 World Baseball Classic’, only finishing third in the group. Following 2013 and 2017, it is the third consecutive first round elimination. In particular, the part where he drank a lot of high praise in Australia and Japan was big. The expression ‘disaster’ was poured out in various communities, including domestic and foreign media. The seniors who had not spared their support and encouragement in the past could not hide their disappointment this time around. Commentator Park Yong-taek said, “Please say something bitter (to the national team). And please watch,” he said. 메이저사이트

There are also those who hold the cane a little more vigorously. Commentator Yang Joon-hyeok is a representative example. On the 11th, he looked back on the Korea-Japan match held the previous day through his SNS channel and said, “This is the worst game I have ever seen. Until now, I have been competitive in international competitions, but not this time.” He did not hesitate to criticize the head coach Lee Kang-cheol. “I don’t know what kind of strategy the coach made, but the short-term game is different. He had to go all-out against Australia,” he said.

Since they were close, it must have felt more painful to the coaching staff and players. Kim Hyun-soo, who wore the captain’s armband, expressed his sadness. After the match against China on the 13th, “I heard a lot of words of comfort from seniors who experienced the national team,” he said, “I think those who don’t think of the national team too easily. I’m sorry about that part. I think it’s more regrettable because I thought it was the same baseball player.” I didn’t mention a specific person, but in the part of ‘same baseball person’, fans remembered Yang Jun-hyeok.

The entire baseball world is in an uproar. This WBC is not a simple first-round loss. Those who received a high ransom and were treated with honor shrank infinitely when they went out on the world stage. While fans’ disappointment is growing, they are even fighting in the family and raising eyebrows. Professional baseball ahead of the new season has more concerns than excitement. Unable to see it, commentator Park Jae-hong stepped up and intervened. Through his social media channels, he tried to explain the situation he was facing, saying, “I understand both sides to some extent.” It is important to ask who is responsible, but it seems more urgent to discuss how to develop Korean baseball in the future.

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