‘A moderately selfish person lives well’ is a phrase that often comes out when we sometimes face the trials of the world. In childhood, we grow up hearing that we should just live kindly, but the cold reality is different from what we were taught. It’s not just about being considerate unconditionally, but taking care of yourself in moderation and showing your temper so that you don’t lose money.

But there is a degree to being selfish. If you act selfishly with a cause to some extent, you can still be understood, but if you recklessly take care of your own interests, then you may fall into the trap you dug yourself. If you turn your gaze to the NBA, Kyrie Irving (31‧188cm), who recently moved from the Brooklyn Nets to the Dallas Mavericks, falls into that category.

Originally, he was famous as a selfish player, but he went too far and recently went up to the level of incomprehensibility, causing many people to shoot. Both Brooklyn and Dallas are promising teams to advance to the playoffs this season, and each is dreaming of winning. Usually, trades between such teams do not occur during the season.

Moreover, Brooklyn, which was competing for rankings at the top, has no reason to suddenly send one of the team’s one-two punchers to another team. There is something that the team couldn’t do anything about. Irving, the person in charge, threw his boat and went to the front, saying he couldn’t run, so he had no choice but to trade for mustard while crying. This is because when the season ends like this, Brooklyn was in a position to just look at Irving, who is leaving as a free agent.

He could have dreamed of a scenario in which he challenged for the championship by maximizing his previous powers, but at least that would not work for Irving. It is because it is possible to guess what he will look like after he has already left his mind, because he has experienced enough.

Contrary to expectations that it would be difficult, Irving’s trade went smoothly. US sports media ESPN reported on the 6th that Irving would be traded from Brooklyn to Dallas. Dallas, thirsty for a championship, actively stepped forward as far as they could. In exchange for Irving and Markif Morris, Brooklyn gave Dorian Finney-Smith and Spencer Dinwiddie the right to pick in the first round of the 2029 draft and the right to pick in the second round of the 2027 and 2029 draft.

Dallas general manager Nico Harrison has known Irving since his days as a Nike executive, and Dallas manager Jason Kidd and star Luka Doncic are also known to have supported the trade. Now, the attention of fans and officials is focused on whether Irving can coexist smoothly in Dallas without causing further problems.

Irving made his debut in Cleveland, went on to Boston, Brooklyn and then Dallas, but he was far from serene on either team. In Cleveland, he helped LeBron James to win the championship, but he refused to coexist with his greed for first place early on, and moved to Boston. His skills were outstanding, but the big thing was that he failed to show the image of a leader that can be trusted and followed on and off the court.

In Brooklyn, he took the peak (?) of eccentricity and selfishness. He continued to be criticized for his incomprehensible remarks and actions, and such eccentricities continued during the season and it was not once or twice that he hurt the team atmosphere. James Harden, who was aiming for the championship together, could not stand it and left. When the Corona 19 problem was serious together, he missed many games due to non-vaccination, and this season he was even punished by the club for advocating anti-Semitic films. This is why it is inevitable to be recognized as a time bomb that does not know when it will explode.

Even though I wanted to be quiet recently, when a situation occurred that I did not like for a while, this time, I poured cold water on Brooklyn, which was doing well with a trade request. After the end of this season, ahead of free agency, it has been negotiating an extension contract with Brooklyn, but it is analyzed as the reason for the large difference of opinion. Irving wanted a maximum contract of up to 200 million dollars (about 250 billion won) in 4 years, but Brooklyn wanted to hang several options.

In terms of skills alone, it could be worth it, but the problem was that there were so many big and small accidents, so the team needed a safety device. Irving stood by his side as if he had forgotten what he himself had done. In a way, he deserved to prove that he was not the same as before, accepting the option for a smooth future, but he responded emotionally again.

Brooklyn’s head hurt. In the end, I had no choice but to look at the trade market, and teams aiming to win the finals, such as the Phoenix Suns, LA Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks, tapped their calculators and finally decided on Dallas as their final destination. Although he made the best trade to some extent, it is true that the red light was turned on in Brooklyn’s championship front. 메이저사이트

It is highly likely that it will be difficult to win the championship this season due to the departure of the core power of Irving. Irving’s gap will definitely come in a huge size, and it’s hard to predict how Kevin Durant, who often complains, will come out. It is literally a series of low cost and low efficiency that is obtained by spending money. Among the big three formations of all time, there are only a handful of cases where the results were so bad.

The reason why Irving can shout loudly despite being a troublemaker recognized in the league is because he has a competitive edge in terms of skills. He’s averaging 27.1 points, 5.3 assists, 5.1 rebounds and 1 steal in 40 games this season, so there’s no doubt about his skills. However, as long as the trust in the individual player has fallen to the bottom, even in Dallas, if this happens again, he may become a player avoided by all clubs.

Irving, who has passed his 10th year in the league, is no longer a young player. As much as his pride for himself is strong, it is time for a full-fledged career to put his name on a page of history. After winning the Rookie of the Year award and the championship at the beginning of his career, not only did he hold a major title, but his cumulative record was also lower than that of his competitors. There is a big reason why he put the brakes on himself with unnecessary steps when he was in the midst of building his career.

What is unfortunate about Irving, who is showing the end of selfishness, is that the process is far from clever. In a way, selfishness is purely for me, but the reckless words and actions he shows are causing considerable damage to himself. Now that I’m at the age of entering a veteran, it’s time to think about what will ultimately benefit me and show my individuality or stubbornness.

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