Before the spring camp, all salary negotiations were completed. However, there was still no bitter taste left.

On the 20th, ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, Kiwoom Heroes announced free agent Han Hyun-hee as a reward player. Lee Kang-joon (22), a sidearm pitcher who is about to enlist in Sangmu, was nominated without hesitation. Koh Hyung-wook, general manager of Kiwoom, said, “He’s a player I’ve been watching since I was a kid. His control isn’t good, but there’s room for improvement. The lack of experience will be fully supplemented after working as a managing director.”

Kiwoom, who finished announcing the compensation players in the morning, announced the results of the salary negotiations in the afternoon. Lee Jung-hoo was the first player ever to sign a single-year contract with 1.1 billion won, exceeding the 1 billion won mark, and Golden Glove pitcher An Woo-jin received an annual salary of 350 million won, a 133.3% increase.

The formation of a trio of foreign players was completed early on, and by signing Won Jong-hyun and Futures free agent Hyung-jong Lee as free agents, substantial reinforcement was achieved. 메이저사이트

It seemed like all the assignments had been completed, but there was one burden in a corner of my heart.

Jeong Chan-heon (33), who played for Kiwoom last year and obtained FA status, has yet to find a team. Jeong Chan-heon, who joined the LG Twins in the 2nd round (1st overall) of the 2008 rookie draft, transferred to Kiwoom in a 1-on-1 trade with Seo Gun-chang last year.

In the meantime, there were questions about his physical condition, but Jeong Chan-heon was confident in his health at Kiwoom. He also had a view that it was difficult to fight, but Jung Chan-heon emphasized, “There is no pain now. There is no problem.”

If Jung Chan-heon signs a contract with another club as a B grade FA, he must pay 25 protected players and 1 compensation player and 100% of the previous season’s annual salary (280 million won) or 200% of the previous season’s annual salary.

He went 5-6 with an ERA of 5.36 in 20 games last year, so no club readily reached out.

Agent Jung Chan-heon also tried to approach with a long breath at the time of FA application. “In the end, teams that need pitchers will come out,” he explains. However, as spring camp is just around the corner, Jung Chan-heon has become in a position to speed up a little more in order to properly prepare for the upcoming season.

When his contract failed, he started looking toward Kiwoom once again. He hoped to open up methods such as ‘sign and trade’.

He is in no hurry to raise him. Overall, as long as the power configuration is completed, there is no need for additional power reinforcement.

He can contemplate various possibilities in that he opens up the ‘athlete’s future’. The agent also hopes to develop this part.

Jeong Chan-heon is building his body while focusing on individual training. In the end, Kiwoom once again held the hilt.

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