Callaway Golf has been leading major changes in the golf world. In the mid-1990s, the titanium era was opened in earnest, and in the 2000s, it led to a high backlash and big head craze. A few years ago, a golf club design system using artificial intelligence (AI) was introduced. Callaway is once again dreaming of a paradigm shift. It is the first product that does not use metal for the driver body.

The name of the new product that will lead the change is ‘Paradigm’. As soon as it was released, the momentum was scary. He swept all three championships in the early stages of the PGA Tour this year. At the Sentry Tournament of Champions, the first tournament of the year, Ram, at the second Sony Open, Kim Si-woo, and last week at the American Express, Ram again reached the top. Both players switched to the paradigm from this year. Both have triple-diamond models for drivers and woods, and use Callaway’s Jaws Low wedges and chrome softballs.

Callaway said, “To create a new paradigm, we thought about how to fundamentally make a driver.” The result is the industry’s first 360-degree carbon chassis that removes titanium from the head body. This is said to have raised the weight and stability to the maximum. Chassis refers to the body, including the crown and sole (bottom), which is the upper part of the head excluding the face.

The triaxial (triaxial) carbon crown and forged carbon sole are 44% lighter than the titanium chassis. The excess weight gained from this was relocated to the face for improved ball speed and to the back of the head for more forgiveness. The ‘Jailbreak’ system newly designed by AI provides stability in horizontal and vertical twisting while being 33% lighter than the previous model. The new face design also optimizes launch angle and spin to improve speed and direction. AI is known to complete the test (15,000 times) in a short period of time, which would take 34 years if it was carried out in a general process. Forged titanium face with cup structure delivers higher energy to the ball.

There are three types of drivers introduced this time: Paradigm, Paradigm X, and Paradigm Triple Diamond. There is a sliding weight of 15g on the back of the head of the basic paradigm, so you can easily throw the desired pitches such as draw and fade. Paradigm X is the most forgiving model. It has a 5g back weight and is suitable for semi-draw pitches. The Paradigm Triple Diamond has a 2g weight on the face side, which is the least spin of the three models. The triple diamond head size is also 450cc, which is smaller than the other two types (460cc), to suit the preference of intermediate and advanced golfers. 안전놀이터

As a result of Callaway’s self-test with equipment contract players, Ram’s ball speed increased by 4 miles per hour and distance by 6 yards compared to the previous Rogue ST driver. Xander Chopley increased his ball speed and distance by 4 miles and 4 yards, respectively.

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