IBK Industrial Bank and KGC Ginseng Corporation will face off in the 5th round. The two teams will start the match at 7:00 pm on the 8th at the indoor gym in Hwaseong Sports Complex Town.

The home team IBK Industrial Bank is 6th with 10 wins and 16 losses and 31 points, and the away team KGC Ginseng Corporation is 5th with 11 wins and 15 losses and 35 points.

Currently, Hyundai E&C and Heungkuk Life Insurance are competing for the lead with 60 points, while Korea Expressway Corporation is in third place with 44 points. 카지노사이트

At this point, the possibility of making a semi-playoff for 3rd and 4th place is not very high. This is because the semi-playoffs are held only when the gap between 3rd and 4th places is within 3 points.

If so, the chances of the two teams playing today’s playoffs advancing to the postseason are not high. Early in round 5, it is time for both teams to attempt one last spurt. After pushing through now, if that doesn’t work, you have to realistically prepare for the next season.

Today’s game is also a battle of pride. The team that loses today may have to finish the season without making a proper spurt toward ‘Spring Volleyball’. It’s an important match.

In the four confrontations between the two teams this season, KGC Ginseng Corporation continues to dominate with 3 wins and 1 loss. Even in the distribution of victory points, KGC is superior at 8-4.

Looking at the recent trend, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea lost 1-3 to Korea Expressway Corporation on the 4th, ending its winning streak. Only if we succeed in reversal in today’s game can we bet against the top teams, including Heungkuk Life Insurance, GS Caltex, and Hyundai E&C.

KGC Ginseng Corporation has recently suffered a losing streak. It collapsed after being defeated 0-3 by Korea Expressway Corporation and Heungkuk Life Insurance. We need to turn the tide today and gain new momentum so that we can look higher through our schedules with GS Caltex and Hyundai E&C.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea combines the activities of outside hitters Pyo Seung-joo and Santana with the activities of Apposite Spiker Kim Hee-jin and middle blockers Kim Su-ji and Choi Jung-min. Setter Kim Ha-kyung’s coordination and Shin Yeon-kyung’s libero performance are added.

However, I am concerned about Shin Yeon-kyung’s libero condition. In the previous road construction match, Choi Soo-bin and Kim Soo-bin played as liberos. It is very important to show how much ability you will show in the counterattack after today’s defense.

KGC Ginseng Corporation is a team that creates synergy with Elisabeth’s Kangta, Lee So-young and Chae Seon-ah’s receiving and attack power, Jung Ho-young and Park Eun-jin’s midfield performance, and Yum Hye-sun’s setter and Yellow Libero’s performance.

But the good times seem to sprout in the drought. There are many unnecessary and unrecorded crimes, and there are many unreasonable movements or plays. There are times when you make absurd points in a situation that is overall cluttered and confused. If you don’t find the root cause that can reduce this part, you can’t look at the top even if you have powerful power and height. It is KGC Ginseng Corporation that needs to keep this part in mind.

Today’s game is a battle of pride. You have to go into the game with the mindset that if you lose today, it’s over. In particular, FA (free agent) players should be able to show their true value in the 5th round.

The team with the tenacity to not give up until the end will win. Expect a great match.

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