On the brick of rapid economic growth, India has witnessed the dynamic change in country’s consumer electronics industry. In last few years the industry has been witnessing significant changes in retail boom, growing disposable income and availability of easy finance schemes. One electronic gadget that has brought new revolution in Indian Electronic Industry is Television Set. Today, India is fast emerging as the key driver in the global television market both as a manufacturer and consumer. 안전놀이터

In recent years, the market for televisions in India has changed rapidly from the conventional CRT technology to Flat Panel Display Televisions (FPTV). Currently, the split between CRT and FPTV is around 97% and 3% respectively. In addition to this, one of the most striking changes sweeping across the colour television market in Indian market is the exponential growth of the flat panel television (FPTV) market, in common parlance called the liquid crystal display (LCD) and plasma televisions . Moreover, as per recent research data available, the global market for FPTV is expected to grow from 51 million units in 2006 to 127 million by 2009.

Looking at the present scenario, over the last couple of years, the LCD prices have even dropped by around 30 per cent annually. Some of the important factors that boasted this growth also include the increasing awareness of the advantages of LCD televisions, the growing availability of the product across dealer counters and the finance schemes in the market.

Besides this, as a manufacturing hub, the television industry is improving more and more. There are many domestic and MNC companies that have increased their production bases in the country. Easy availability of low-cost skilled labor and the emergence of SEZs, which are tax-free zones are some of the key factors that have resulted in growth of these manufacturing units. In fact, encouraged by tax-breaks, new manufacturing units are coming up in less-developed regions now. Today, India is one of the few emerging countries to have an excellent component supply base in terms of manufacturing facilities for glass and color picture tubes, so it helps it a good choice for all those companies who are looking to take benefit of this emerging market.

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