2023 is likely to be recorded as an all-time ‘unbalanced pitching season’. Under the premise that no new fielder will appear, Lee Sang-jun (3rd year at Gyeonggi High School) is currently facing the all-out attack of pitchers. If the draft is held tomorrow, it would not be strange if all 10 pitchers are selected.

In other words, it means that there are many good pitchers even if they are not evaluated as first-round pitchers.

The first is Yushin High School Park Jun-woo (Yooshin High School 3rd year). It would be no surprise if Park Jun-woo’s evaluation went up and he went straight into the first round. First of all, he has a very good figure, and his limbs are long. He is above all soft. He has a beautiful pitching form, so he is a player with a lot of potential to grow. If you dare to compare it with last year, it is easy to recall Choi Jun-ho, who was nominated as the 9th overall in Doosan. However, at this point, the body has not yet been fully formed.

An official from Yoo Shin-go said, “It’s still a baby’s body. It has to be tougher.” In recent winter leagues, the speed limit was only about 142 km/h. Although it has improved a lot, the appearance of the first year has not come out. An official from the metropolitan area club said, “When I first saw it, I thought it was a large pitcher. My freshman year was really good. But he missed the whole last year, and this year doesn’t seem to come out as much as then. However, he is a pitcher who can bounce at any time because he has so many things.” He is a first-round dark horse and is a player to watch out for.

For reference, Yushingo Lee Ki-chang is not in a good condition right now. He is still unsatisfied with neither speed nor control. Lee Ki-chang is ahead of him in arrest, but there are many officials who rate Park Jun-woo highly in terms of potential.

The second is Choi Woo-seok (Bibong High School senior). Along with Park Jun-woo, he is a strong dark horse. Good news keeps coming in from all over the place. He is the ace of Bibongo and is a player who has already stood out since last year. He was also a starter in the classics of the Blue Dragon Period. At that time, Yu Shin-go won a new victory 1-0, but Choi Woo-seok was highly evaluated.

His limbs are long, and he already recorded a velocity of 144 km/h last year at Mokdong during the season. Even a major league official is curious about his news, saying, “They say Bibongo’s pitcher is good.” Currently, it records the highest speed of 144 km/h in the winter league. His last year’s record was a 1.06 earned run average in 17 innings.

The third is Kim Yun-ha (Jangchung High School senior), who is also famous as the nephew of major leaguer Park Chan-ho. It’s not a first-round level, but it’s a resource that can go to the top. It remains to be seen how he will perform in real life, but only in the Winter League. The highest velocity continues to touch the mid-140km/h range. The speed of up to 147 km/h came out, and the Busan and Changwon winter leagues were enthusiastic.

He is a right-handed pitcher with good height and excellent speed and control. An official from A also said, “The player with the most evaluation in this Winter League is Kim Yun-ha.”

Lastly, Lim Da-on (3rd year of Gyeonggi Commercial High School) is also a pitching resource who is aiming for the upper ranks. He has been a well-known pitcher in the Seoul area since Cheongnyang Middle School. He chose Lim Da-on as the ace to be responsible for the 100th anniversary of the match appeal. 카지노사이트

An official from the provincial team B said, “Currently, it doesn’t come out much in the media, but Lim Da-do is a pitcher to keep an eye on. The ball itself is good, although it has some flaws in terms of control and high ups and downs. Even now, mid-140km/h continues to appear,” he introduced Lim Daon.

He said, “ To be honest, if I drafted right away tomorrow, wouldn’t all the first round be pitchers? But I don’t know about baseball. It will definitely come out during the season. And if it does, clubs in a hurry for a fielder will have no choice but to pick that player from the top. Because if he is not nominated quickly, he will disappear immediately. A pitcher can select a good player even in the lower ranks, but if a fielder is not selected quickly, the next one is meaningless. In particular, the lower-ranking clubs must pull the first round quickly. It is also the reason why the top nominations for beasts come out every year .”

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