According to local media such as the ‘Orange 카지노 County Register’, the New York Mets club had a home game against the Los Angeles Angels held at Citi Field on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time), and when Ohtani came out to bat, ‘Shohei, please don’t break it anymore’ on the screen. message popped up.

The reason the Mets sent such an earnest (?) message was because of what happened the day before.

Ohtani hit a ball with a distance of 400 feet in the first inning of the game the previous day. This ball slightly deviated from the foul pole on the right and became a foul, and hit the billboard.

The electric signboard area hit by Ohtani’s batted ball went out as it was. Ohtani’s blow broke the electronic display board.

The Mets team didn’t stop there and even put up a witty phrase, ‘I’ll send you the bill, Shohei’.

Diagnosed with damage to the medial collateral ligament in his right arm, Ohtani continues to play as the designated hitter despite the injury.

In the game on the 27th, when the display board was broken, he recorded one double and one triple, leading the team to a 5-3 victory.

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