After failing to catch the ball, he limped on his leg and sat down as if suffering from pain. But I didn’t give up until the end. Rafael Nadal (World No. 2, Spain) had a set score of 0-3 (4-6 4-6 5- 7). It has been seven years since Nadal failed to reach the third round of a major tournament after being knocked out in the first round of the 2016 Australian Open.

슬롯사이트 He tried to win the Australian Open for the second year in a row, but was again hindered by an injury. Nadal, who had suffered from poor physical condition before the start of the tournament, was shaken by pain in the hip joint this time. She was pulled by McDonald from the beginning of the first set, and requested medical time in the second half of the second set. He flinched as he chased the ball and landed on the court touching his left hip. Nadal’s wife, watching the match, was caught on a relay camera wiping away tears.

Nadal came back and played for his opponents and fans. He played the third set 5-5, and the crowd gave Nadal a standing ovation as he walked away with the loss. “It’s a tough moment, a tough day,” Nadal said after the match. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mentally broken at this moment.” He also said that he did not know whether the pain was in the muscles or joints, and that he felt unable to move unlike before.

Nadal, now 36 years old, suffers from chronic pain in his left foot, and after suffering an abdominal muscle injury at Wimbledon last year, he had only 1 win and 6 losses before the Australian Open. Asked if he was thinking of retiring, Nadal said he would accept his pain and move on. She added that she hopes her injury won’t keep her off the court for too long. “I’ve been through this so many times in my career and I think I’m ready to move on, but it’s undoubtedly not easy,” Nadal said frankly.

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