Major League scouts who haven’t been to Korea for a while since the Corona 19 pandemic are turning their eyes to the KBO League. In the past few years, if you relied on written materials and video materials from Korean scouts, these days, you are watching the KBO League directly in Korea and organizing your recruiting list.

As is already well known, Lee Jung-hoo, who announced his intention to advance to the major leagues through a post after this season, is attracting the attention of many scouts. However, these scouts are not only watching Korean players. Watching the condition of foreign players who played an active role in the KBO league, such as Eric Thames and Merrill Kelly, is one of their main tasks.

Recently, NC Eric Peddy has been at the center of attention. It is not the stage to talk about returning to the major leagues as it is the beginning of the season, with the first month of the opening season coming to an end, but it seems clear that the recent performance is at a level that will attract attention from American clubs. Peddy predicted his regular season performance by allowing only one run in 12⅓ innings of three games in the exhibition game.

Even after the opening, Peddy’s strength continues. He ranked first in this category with an earned run average of 0.75 in 4 games (5 runs, 2 earned runs in 24 innings). Along with Adam Plutko (0.77) of LG, a 2nd year KBO League player, he led the title competition with an ERA of 0 points. 메이저놀이터

In the game against LG on the 19th, he gave up 6 hits and 3 walks in 5 innings, while giving up 2 runs and 1 earned run. He was shaken by the check swing and strike-ball decisions, but he wasn’t too emotionally shaken. Even after the situation that should have been a strikeout changed to 2nd out and 3rd base, he calmly induced a miss with the next ball and added a strikeout.

On the 20th, NC coach Kang In-kwon revealed his ‘infinite trust’ towards Peddy, saying, “I think all pitches and pitches he has are the best.”

According to Stattis, Peddy has thrown every pitch over 19.9 percent of his past four games. Sinkers accounted for the most with 33.1%, followed by sliders (24.2%) and curves (22.5) with over 20%. Even the least thrown changeup is 19.9%. The changeup is fast enough to exceed 140 km per hour, but the drop is also considerable. The horizontal movement of the curve is enough to catch left-handed batters off guard with a backdoor. In addition, these various pitches become the first pitch.

Peddie will face the KIA Tigers at the Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 25th. Even the 50% win rate is in crisis as NC fell into a 5-game losing streak immediately after winning 10 wins. Ace Pedy’s hands are the team’s breakout streak.

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