Lionel Messi (35, Argentina) is expected to leave the team after this season, amid shocking rumors of discord with his club, Paris Saint-Germain. A total of eight teams are being discussed locally as the next destination, including EPL (English Premier League) clubs such as Manchester United and Manchester City. It seems that the trip to Saudi Arabia without the club’s permission worked as a wedge.

British media BBC reported on the 3rd (Korean time) that “Argentina forward to leave Paris St-Germain at end of season”.

Messi made his first-team debut in 2004 at the age of 17. After that, he only played for Barcelona for 17 seasons. He scored 672 goals and 305 assists in 778 games. It was in August 2021 that he left Barça, who seemed to remain a Barça man forever. The team that Messi, who became a free agent, chose was the prestigious French club Paris Saint-Germain.

Since then, Messi has once again enjoyed his prime. Above all, he reached the peak of his career at the 2022 FIFA (Qatar World Cup) last year. He made a big success with 7 goals and 3 assists during the tournament and held the World Cup trophy in his arms. Messi also took the honor of being the MVP of the tournament.

At the time of joining Paris Saint-Germain, the club announced the signing of Messi and said that the contract period was 2+1 years. And now, after two years, the ‘+1 year’ option is not expected to be exercised. The media said, “Messi has agreed in principle to stay with Paris Saint-Germain for another year, but now neither the club nor the player want to sign the contract.”

The BBC explained, “Messi is not sure about Paris Saint-Germain’s rise to the top of Europe due to financial problems. The club also wants to focus more on developing young players.” “It is known that Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, met with Paris Saint-Germain general manager Louis Campos a few weeks ago and told him this.” In the end, in fact, with Messi and the club deciding to go their separate ways, this family trip seems to have served as a wedge.

Recently, rumors of discord with the club have broken out, and it is in an atmosphere of crossing a river of virtually no return. The BBC and Arab media Al Jazeera, etc. quoted French media reports on the 3rd (Korean time) and said, “Superstar Messi can be suspended for a trip to Saudi Arabia without the permission of his team.”

According to reports, Messi has asked Paris Saint-Germain for permission to travel to Saudi Arabia after playing against Lorient last weekend. However, the club rejected Messi’s request.

The problem was that Messi left for Saudi Arabia without the club’s permission. Messi, who is currently working as a tourism ambassador for Saudi Arabia, headed to Riyadh without permission from the club to film.

Originally, Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier changed the schedule to training instead of resting on Monday. But Messi ignored his command tower’s instructions. Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al Khatib announced the news of Messi’s visit. Messi also took pictures of the scenery of Saudi Arabia and posted them on his personal SNS.

Upon hearing the news of Messi, the club decided to suspend the game for two weeks and issue a fine. Messi is also unable to participate in his team’s training during this period. He doesn’t even get a salary. Messi is expected to miss two games until the match against Troyes on the 8th and the match against Ajaccio on the 14th.

Paris Saint-Germain is currently leading the league in the French Ligue 1, marking 24 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses (75 points). The difference between the second place Olympique de Marseille (21 wins, 7 draws, 5 losses, 70 points) narrowed to 5 points. With 5 games left until the end of the league, the rankings may be overturned depending on the results of future matches 스포츠토토.

In such a difficult situation for the team, Messi’s performance is bound to be desperate. Messi has played 28 games in the league this season and is making a big success with 15 goals and 15 assists. However, Paris Saint-Germain gave Messi a suspended penalty without leniency. As of now, it can be seen that the action of these clubs is highly likely to act as a decisive blow for separation.

Now, attention is focused on Messi’s next destination. The British media, The Sun, said Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Newcastle (above England), FC Barcelona (Spain), Inter Miami (USA), Al Nasr and Al Hilal (above Saudi Arabia) are possible teams for Messi on the same day. mentioned the name of

The key is the financial situation of each club and Messi’s will. First of all, it seems that Messi will continue to want to win the European stage. Paris Saint-Germain suffered the loss of being knocked out in the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League over the past two seasons with Messi. Messi will obviously want a team closer to the Champions League title than Paris Saint-Germain. In terms of skills, he is still in good physical shape in Europe compared to Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr). What club uniform will Messi be wearing on the ground next season?

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