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There is a soccer family like the ‘Three Fathers Huh’ of basketball.

Following their father, former manager Lee Eul-yong, their two sons also played for FC Seoul.

This is Reporter Song Ki-seong.

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Lee Tae-seok, a 23-year-old former national team player, is in charge of FC Seoul’s side defense.

Lee Seung-jun went straight to pro from Osan High School, a youth team in FC Seoul.

They are the two sons of Lee Eul-yong, a former coach who played a key role in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semifinals and is famous for the so-called ‘Eul-yong-ta’ to soccer fans.

[Lee Seung-jun (younger brother)/FC Seoul]
“I saw (‘Eul-Yong-ta’) a lot. My friends around me talked a lot… (Soccer style) I resemble my older brother more. My older brother looks a bit…”

Players and leaders at FC Seoul Former coach Lee Eul-yong, who has experienced up to , is also happy to have a special relationship with the three fathers playing in the same team.

[Lee Eul-yong/Yongin City Soccer Center Manager]
“I feel good inside. Since Tae-seok is his younger brother, he will teach me a lot. I want to see him once and see how he does it.”

His older brother is a side defender and his younger brother is an attacking midfielder. Although their playing styles are different, the older brother Lee Tae-seok is helping his younger brother adapt quickly by playing games in Thai field training.

“Hey! Do you do it with your mouth?”
“What are you doing?”

“(Younger brother) is really good at having real guts

. ”

It’s not easy to compete for the starting position, but I’m sweating, dreaming of playing together someday.

[Lee Tae-seok (older brother)/FC Seoul]
“If you see the two of us running together at the stadium, I think it will be another fun.”

[Lee Seung-jun (younger brother)/FC Seoul]
“I just want to run and die… I think that will help the team.” 스포츠토토

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