The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) announced its policy to come up with supplementary and improved measures for the trade of Libero Oh Ji-young (Pepper Savings Bank), which was controversial by inserting a ‘ban on participation’ clause. However, since the Oh Ji-young trade was conducted based on the current federation regulations, the position is that retrospective application was too young.

On the 3rd, KOVO announced the results of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s request for an authoritative interpretation of the Oh Ji-young trade between GS Caltex and Pepper Savings Bank. According to KOVO, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in accordance with ‘Article 4 Paragraph 3 of the Professional Sports Standard Contract’, “does not explicitly stipulate that a player cannot participate in the match exclusion agreement between clubs as a reason for prohibiting discrimination, but the player’s rights and interests It is believed that there are elements that may be infringed upon or hinder fair competition between clubs, so it is recommended to prepare institutional improvement measures, such as establishing a ban on the case in the federation rules.”

Regarding this, KOVO said, “Based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and institutional improvement measures, we will discuss with 14 men’s and women’s clubs after the season to supplement and improve related regulations in the direction of protecting players’ rights and interests and fair competition between clubs. ”he said.

However, the Oh Ji-young trade is not subject to retroactive application, such as being withdrawn. KOVO said, “In the case of Oh Ji-young, the two clubs signed an agreement and traded based on the current federation rules, so it is difficult to retroactively apply the new rules that will be supplemented in the future.”

GS Caltex and Pepper Savings Bank conducted a trade at the end of December last year. Instead of giving Oh Ji-young to Pepper Savings Bank, GS Caltex received the right to nominate in the first round of the 2024-2025 season rookie draft. In the match between GS Caltex and Pepper Savings Bank held on the 23rd of last month, it was revealed that a clause not to play Oh Ji-young in the GS Caltex game for the remainder of this season was inserted into the trade agreement, causing controversy. It was an agreement between the clubs within the scope of KOVO’s regulations, but voices were raised that it was a violation of the basic rights of players. 온라인카지노

However, there were opinions to the contrary. For GS Caltex, giving away the national team libero while receiving the nomination right for the first round of the next season, not the next season, is a trade in good faith for the future of the player, and it is a trade that GS Caltex loses, so it does not appear in the confrontation with the previous team. There was also a view that some degree of agreement could be reached.

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