On the 10th, at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, in the 4th set of the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League, the match between Woori Card and KEPCO was in full swing, there was a moment when fans cheered one after another.

It was because of the serve match between Kim Ji-han and Lim Seong-jin, fellow 99’s. With Woori Card leading 18-15, Kim Ji-han’s turn to serve came.

Kim Ji-han tried a powerful serve to his friend Seong-jin Lim, who was on the court opposite him, and scored. In the next turn, he pointed at Lim Seong-jin with his finger and fired a ‘preliminary serve’. This serve went to Lim Seong-jin as Kim Ji-han predicted, and this time, Lim Seong-jin was unable to receive it, leading to a goal.

Kim Ji-han, who met with on the 11th, said, “I was thinking about who to hit the sub with, but I just saw Sung-jin. And I was on a course I was confident in. So he pointed out Seong-jin,” he explained at the time.

However, Im Seong-jin was not alone in suffering. In a situation where they were trailing 17-21, Im Sung-jin, who caught the ball, used a strong serve to Kim Ji-han, as if he couldn’t be defeated alone, and Kim Ji-han was unable to catch it, leading to a serve score. Im Seong-jin had to give back as much as he received. In the next serve, he tried to serve Kim Ji-han, and this time, the ball that hit Kim Ji-han went out and was exchanged twice.

Kim Ji-han laughed, saying, “The first was an out, but when I was trying to get it, Sung-jin saved my spirit.” “I was able to receive the second one, but it was my fault. It was fun because we exchanged it twice like that,” he recalled at the time.

In the fierce game, KEPCO, in which Lim Seong-jin played a big role, took the victory after a 5-set deuce. With the victory on this day, KEPCO escaped from a 9-game losing streak and succeeded in reversing the mood.

Kim Ji-han first sent a message to congratulate his best friend Lim Seong-jin, who led the team to escape losing streaks with good performance, even though he lost the game. Kim Ji-han said, “Sung-jin played really well that day. So after the game, I first contacted him saying, ‘You were a person who could do it too’. Then, a reply came saying, ‘Are you using the word ‘I like friends’ at times like this?” and showed a laugh.

Kim Ji-han, who had a fierce match with her best friend and strong serves to each other, said, “I haven’t played many professional matches yet, but it was a match that will be remembered for the rest of my life.”

Although there is no draw in volleyball, the game was won or lost, but the heated confrontation between the two players made volleyball fans cheer and deserve applause. 카지노사이트

Photo_Incheon/Reporter Yoo Yong-woo

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