Major league LA Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw (35) made an unusual statement regarding the performance of other teams.

Kershaw recently said in an interview 메이저사이트 with the San Diego local media ‘Union Tribune’, “People think that teams that spend a lot of money want to do well and post good results. As a player, I hope that too.” I think it will get you back to where you need to be,” he said.

The Mets paid $348,472,401 (about 443.2 billion won) in total annual salary this season, ranking first among 30 clubs. San Diego ranked third after the New York Yankees with $246,821,300 (approximately 314 billion won). However, the performance of the two teams this season does not match the size of the salary at all.

As of the 17th (Korean time), the New York Mets are 43-50 this season with an odds ratio of 0.462, and are in fourth place in the Eastern Division of the National League. It is 18.5 games behind first place Atlanta.

The situation in San Diego is similar. With a season record of 44 wins and 50 losses, the odds ratio of 0.468 is 4th in the National League West. Riding with the Dodgers, the leader of this district, reaches 10 games.

San Diego is eight games behind in the National League wild card race. The Mets’ ride is 8.5 games. Therefore, if both teams want to advance to the postseason, a rebound in the second half is desperately needed.

“Ultimately in the major leagues, teams that spend a lot of money are supposed to be rewarded,” Kershaw said.

The Dodgers spent 228,049,200 dollars (approximately 290.1 ​​billion won) in the total salary of the players this season, ranking fifth in this category. The Dodgers also had an imbalance in pitching at the beginning of the season, and once fell to fourth place in the National League West. However, as if to prove Kershaw’s claim, he jumped to No. 1 in the district with 53 wins and 39 losses (0.576 win rate).

As Kershaw said, attention is focusing on whether San Diego and New York Mets can rebound in the second half of this season.

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