Two tops from the K-League ‘scoring king’ rise to Hong Kong professional football.

Kim Shin-wook (35) decided to go to Hong Kong’s prestigious Kitsch SC, and this season he will be in line with Dejan Damianovic (42, Montenegro). Attention is focusing on whether Kichi, who dreams of becoming a dark horse in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) beyond the loser of his country’s league, will be presented with a ‘time to leap’.

On the 2nd, Kichi announced on the club website, “I have reached an agreement with Kim Shin-wook on personal terms. Kim Shin-wook successfully completed the medical test and signed a long-term contract until 2026. His uniform number is 33.”

Shinwook Kim recently canceled his contract with his team, Lion City (Singapore), and rumors of a return to the K-League circulated, but he ultimately chose to challenge in Hong Kong.

Kichi is a prestigious representative of Hong Kong football, enough to be called ‘Hong Kong’s Barcelona’. In the Hong Kong Premier League, which was launched in 2014, they won five championships, and last season, they achieved the feat of advancing to the round of 16 of the AFC Champions League (ACL) for the first time as a Hong Kong club.

It is classified as a ‘friendly club’. Beginning with Gyeongjin Jang in 2014, Bongjin Kim, Dongjin Kim, and Joonhyeong Park played in kitsch uniforms. Kim Shin-wook is the 5th Korean player ever to play for Kichi.

K-League Legend Dejan is currently under Kichi. Even at the age of overcoming bullying, he is firmly guarding the forefront of the team.

Kim Shin-wook in 2015 and Dejan were the first K-League to score 3 times in a row (2011-2013). As the former top scorers on the top Asian stage can form a two-top match, domestic soccer fans are paying attention.

In an interview with Sporty News, Kichi’s first team physical coach Yoon Dong-heon hinted, “Dejan still runs 11km in every game. Although he is an old veteran, he is a striker who boasts a vigorous activity (as good as young blood).”

Dejan started his first season with the K-League in 2007 at Incheon United. After that, he went through FC Seoul, Suwon Samsung, and Daegu FC, and during this period, he rewrote the records of the most appearances (380 games) and the most goals (198 goals) by a foreign player.

As a player optimized for a second striker equipped with animal-like determination and movement, there is a high possibility of creating synergy with Kim Shin-wook, who boasts an overwhelming supply power in Asia.

Head coach Alex Chu Kich said, “Kim Shin-wook is a tall and strong striker who can work well with his teammates and play in a variety of styles.” It suits us,” he said, expressing high expectations.

He then welcomed Kim Shin-wook to join, saying, “Kichi will help score many goals, and he is a veteran who will be a great role model for younger players.” 슬롯사이트

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