The free agent (FA) market is as cold as winter. Now is the time for Han Hyun-hee (30) and Jeong Chan-heon (33) to move.

After the season, Kiwoom Heroes was lukewarm to internal free agents Han Hyun-hee and Jeong Chan-heon. 2022 has passed and a new year has dawned, but nothing has changed. Even now, the club has no intention of moving first. I am waiting for the players to tell the club first what they think.

Kiwoom Koh Hyeong-wook, general manager of Kiwoom, told Spotify News, “After the agent system was created, they control it from the middle. is a priority,” he said.

Director Ko said that the key to the contract is held by the player side, but if you look deeper, you may see that the club has no reason to push for a contract. Kiwoom recruited pitcher Won Jong-hyeon (2.5 billion won in 36, 4 years) as an external free agent, and reinforced the pitching staff by capturing veterans Lim Chang-min (38), Hong Seong-min (34), and Byun Si-won (30), who did not have a team.토토

Rich prospects also played a part. There are many potential pitchers such as Joo Seung-woo (23), Jang Jae-young (21), Kim Jun-hyeong (21), Lee Myeong-jong (21), and Roh Un-hyeon (20). In fact, the club is not looking for a reason to invest a large amount of money to capture Han Hyun-hee and Jeong Chan-heon.

In the meantime, the possibility of a sign-and-trade for a team that wants to grow and reinforce pitchers was presented. It is often one of the methods that the original team chooses to pave the way for a player who is in danger of missing a FA. However, general manager Ko emphasized, “The club has never said anything like that (sign and trade). It’s just a rumor.”

It’s natural to grow up. There is no reason to give up compensation by presenting a sign-and-trade first when you can get more profits with the FA compensation rules. Han Hyun-hee is a grade A, and can receive compensation players other than 20 protected players and compensation of 500 million won, and Jeong Chan-heon, a grade B, can receive compensation players other than 25 protected players and compensation money of 280 million won.

Now, the will of Han Hyun-hee and Jung Chan-heon has become important. From the end of this month, the 10 teams will start spring camp abroad, including the United States, Australia, and Japan. As time goes by, it is the players who are being chased. In order to prepare for the new season normally with other players, the destination must be confirmed within the remaining 20 days.

Both Kiwoom and the players have been unmoving so far. Now is the time for players to jump on their feet and find their destination. If the current atmosphere is maintained, it seems that the situation of welcoming the new season without a uniform will have to be considered.

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