Kiwoom Heroes’ main infielder Kim Hye-sung (24) was replaced after being hit by a foul ball he hit while playing against Lotte Giants in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 8th. Kiwoom was worried because he was playing the game without being replaced.

It was unclear whether he would play in 메이저놀이터 the game on the 9th. However, Kim Hye-sung’s willingness to play could not be defeated. Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki recommended a break, but Kim Hye-sung expressed his intention to play. However, after checking the condition of the leg again, he changed from the second baseman to the designated hitter.

He was originally a strong responsibility, but now he has to be more responsible. “Genius hitter” Lee Jung-hoo was out due to injury, and the team was also recording nine consecutive losses, the club’s most consecutive losses. If he had lost even the game on the 9th, he might have fallen to the bottom with the team’s most 10 consecutive losses and Samsung, ranked 9th, winning just before the end of the game.

Kim Hye-sung, who showed his fighting spirit, was active with three hits and two RBIs in four at-bats. Despite his incomplete leg, he showed his fighting spirit and contributed to the team’s 10-8 victory. In the third inning with no outs and runners on second base, he also became the main character of the winning hit with an RBI single. Thanks to this, Kiwoom escaped from nine consecutive losses and escaped from the crisis of falling from the bottom.

Kim Hye-sung’s last three-hit game is against the Gocheok Samsung Lions on the 28th of last month. It was the first three-hit game in August. He maintained a high batting average of 0.345 in August and raised his season’s batting average to 0.319 and is on the verge of entering the league’s batting TOP 5.

Kim Hye-sung has played 102 of the team’s 103 games this season with a batting average of 0.319 129 hits, 5 home runs, 39 RBIs, 76 runs, and 21 steals. He played the most games among the players on the team. It is also ranked first in the league’s most hits-scoring and third in stolen bases. He is Kiwoom’s irreplaceable player.

He was in pain after being hit by a foul ball he hit. However, Kim Hye-sung stood up and gave the team strength. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-koo
Kim Hye-sung said in an interview with the host broadcaster after the game, “It is hard to stop losing consecutive games.” “I played a hard game until the end,” he said, adding, “My leg is in good condition. I’m healthy. I can run tomorrow. “It doesn’t hurt enough to miss the entry,” he said with a sense of responsibility. As for the secret to steel’s physical strength, he said, “I think I just sleep well, eat well, and supplement my physical strength.”

Kim Hye-sung’s unbreakable will and Kiwoom’s 10th consecutive loss.

Kim Hye-sung will also take responsibility in the game on the 10th. Will Kiwoom be able to win its first Winning Series in August.

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