There are 15 dead balls in the last five games. Of course, the pitcher can give up a walk, but the timing is not good. In the end, the head coach, who couldn’t see it, called the player to the manager’s office for an interview.

Oh Won-seok started against Kiwoom in Gocheok on the 2nd and was sluggish with 8 hits (one home run), 3 walks, 2 strikeouts, and 5 runs in 4 innings. The fifth inning, a 2-1 lead, was the deadliest. With the leadoff Kim Joo-hyung’s double, Lee Hyung-jong’s walk, and Kim Hye-sung’s hit, the bases loaded with no outs, hit a series of timely hits by Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Won-seok and handed over the mound to Moon Seung-won. The team avoided losing by winning a 9-5 come-from-behind victory, but the head coach’s anxiety deepened due to the sluggishness of two consecutive games following the match against Incheon LG (8 runs in 5 innings) on June 27.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who met in Incheon on the 4th, said, “The number of balls has improved, but I have been suffering from ups and downs 토토 가입머니 for a month. In my opinion, the timing of giving a walk is not good. “Even if I watch the match against Kiwoom, I get two strikes first and give up a walk,” he said. “Pitchers are most comfortable when there is no runner, a little more comfortable when there is one, and the moment there are two, it becomes difficult.” It’s always an emphasis. He has to pitch with guts, but he tries to catch only the batter in front of him, which makes him feel strong and gives him a walk comes out. Recently, such appearances continue to appear,” he said regretfully.

As head coach Kim pointed out, Oh Won-seok has suffered ups and downs with one win, three losses and a 7.88 ERA in the last five games. He won five scoreless innings against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on June 21, but was shaken one after another against Changwon NC (five runs in six innings), Incheon KT (five runs in four innings) on the 15th, Incheon LG (eight runs in five innings) on the 27th, and Gocheok Kiwoom (five runs in four innings) on July 2. During this period, he gave up 13 walks and two walks, often causing difficult situations.

In the end, head coach Kim called Oh Won-seok to the manager’s office on the 4th and held a three-way meeting with pitching coach Cho Woong-cheon. Head coach Kim said, “All I can do for you is to send a player to the second division.” There is nothing I can solve,’ he advised. In the end, (Oh)Wonseok has to bravely get through the mound alone. If it’s not good, all you have to do is send it to the second division. Of course, I said this in a joking manner,” he said.
The most emphasized part of Oh Won-seok is the quality start, which is the basic virtue of the starting pitcher. He added that he should aim for three runs in six innings, not no runs. Head coach Kim said, “I don’t know why they throw three to four innings well and play baseball to not give one point on their own in a crisis. Three runs in six innings is a good thing. “If I try not to give one point, there will be a vicious cycle, so I told him to be bold,” he explained.

He called the player to the manager’s office because he had affection for Oh Won-seok, and he brought up the cold word of going to the second division, but he hoped for a rebound. Head coach Kim said, “At a young age, sometimes I want to do better, but if I throw this much in the current situation, I have nothing to lose.” The player will be angry if he comes down after playing such a game, but I hope he plays baseball with guts when the same situation occurs in the next game. “I told him to cheer up when he went out,” he said, praying for Oh Won-seok’s change.

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