Chelsea, slipping to 10th in the English Premier League, are in trouble. This is because of the possibility of the departure of midfielder Kai Havertz (24).

스포츠토토 British sports media ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 28th (Korean time), ‘Haberts may leave Chelsea at the end of this season. This is in case Chelsea do not qualify for the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL).

This season, Chelsea is going through extreme confusion, such as the manager’s resignation and the club’s owner change. I don’t like sex either. They are in 10th place with 29 points. It is a whopping 10 points away from Manchester United (39 points) in 4th place, which is the last line to advance to the UCL. It is 7 points away from 5th place Tottenham Hotspur (36 points), which is the right to advance to the European Football Federation Europa League (UEL).

Arsenal (50 points) continues to be a sensation in first place and Newcastle United (39 points) in third place is not bad, so it does not seem easy for Chelsea to enter the top four.

João Felix was loaned out in the winter transfer window, but he was sent off in the first match and will only be seen in February. Striker Mikhailo Mudrik was brought in for 100 million euros (134.2 billion won) and put up as a replacement against Liverpool on the 21st, but he failed to show a strong appearance.

Havertz joined Chelsea from Leverkusen in the summer of 2020 on a five-year contract. By the summer, his contract will be reduced to two years. The time to renew his contract is approaching, but a transfer seems inevitable if he does not have the right to participate in the UCL.

The media said, ‘If Havertz is transferred, the transfer fee Chelsea thinks is 60 million pounds (91.8 billion won), and even if it falls short of the 80 million euros (107.4 billion won) paid at the time of recruitment, it is enough considering the use of 3 years. looking at the amount

It is unknown whether there will be a club that will pay 60 million pounds, but Havertz’s not too old age is considered an advantage. If it is difficult to secure the right to advance to the UCL, it seems likely that there will be many defectors besides Havertz.

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