Catcher Park Se-hyeok made a new nest through a 4-year, 6.4 billion won free agent contract with NC . Park Se-hyuk joined Doosan in the 5th round of 2012 in the 47th place and worked for 10 years until 2022. During this period, he met and served numerous leaders, but there is one leader who remains most deeply in Park Se-hyeok’s heart.

Kang In-kwon is the NC coach. Director Kang will make his debut as an official command tower in NC this year. After his retirement, he took over as coach and built a long career. In particular, he served as the bullpen and second-team battery coach at Doosan from 2007 to 2011. After that, he moved to NC, and in 2015, when former coach Kim Tae-hyung took office at Doosan, he made a comeback to his parents.

He was at Doosan before moving to Hanwha after the 2017 season, and during this time he worked with Park Se-hyuk as a coach and player. It was the time when Park Se-hyuk was in charge of Yang Eui-ji (Doosan)’s backup. Afterwards, coach Kang went back to NC through Hanwha, and was in charge of coaching at NC.

Park Se-hyeok has been the Doosan main catcher since Yang Eui-ji left for NC in 2019. It must be said that he was greatly influenced by coach Kang until he became the starting player. It is true that such a player moved the team and reunited as a manager, and the feeling was new. 토토사이트

Park Se-hyuk said at the joining ceremony held at Changwon NC Park on the 16th, “I signed a contract and talked on the phone. He also called in the new year. He was scared when he was young. He never joked around, but as time passed, he remembered the time when he was exercising hard.”

In Park Se-hyuk’s memory, Kang In-kwon’s battery coach was strict. It must have been because it was the time to strengthen the foundation for growth through intense training. Instead, Park Se-hyeok said, “After working out like that, I was deeply attached to it.” It seems that one of the baseball seniors who had the greatest impact on Park Se-hyuk’s baseball life was manager Kang.

Park Se-hyuk said, “Now I can talk comfortably with the director and talk about this and that. became the same team. Both the coach and I are in our first season in NC. The coach should help him spend his first season in style.” There is no need to explain the importance of Park Se-hyeok’s role in the success of Director Kang and NC.

In fact, Park Se-hyeok is known to have struggled with his husband while moving the team in the FA market. It is true that he has been sluggish over the past 1-2 years, and in the process, his ransom was naturally compared to other free agent catchers. It was said that the burden of filling the void between his two wills ended with the Doosan days, but Park Se-hyuk’s sense of responsibility may extend beyond the Doosan days.

Director Kang believes in Park Se-hyeok. “Park Se-hyeok definitely has the ability. There are definitely aspects of him that he hasn’t been able to show himself because of his injuries. If he joins a new team, goes back to basics with a fresh mindset, and shows himself enough, he will help our team. He wants to set an example by being responsible and showing unity. If he shows himself in a way that is not burdensome, he will find his old self.”

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