Gen.G’s ‘Delight’ Hwanjoong Yoo blamed himself for dropping out of the international tournament early.

Gen.G lost 0-3 to BLG in the 3rd round of the 2023 ‘Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)’ bracket stage held at the Copper Box Arena in London, England on the 19th (Korean time). As a result, Gen.G was completely eliminated from the tournament and had to return home early.

The champion of the ‘LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring season suffered a shocking defeat. It was a complete defeat with no room for disagreement in terms of the result and content of the match. The bot duo of Yoo Hwan-joong and Kim “Faze” Soo-hwan also struggled throughout the series without being able to make brilliant plays.

Yoo Hwan-jung, who met with Kukmin Ilbo in the press room right after the game, answered the interview with a gloomy expression. “I have never been satisfied with my play throughout the tournament,” he said. I’m disappointed in myself, and I’m not in a good mood.”

The communication problem, which had been raised since the beginning of the competition, eventually caught on. Yoo Hwan-joong said, “ Recently , it seemed to be getting better, but it was a problem because the practice process was not good or communication was not possible . ” He also added that he “ allowed the opponent to take the turn and it was a loss ” .

Gen.G took a bottom dive at the beginning of the first set and lost momentum to the opponent. Yuhwanjung regretted not being able to hit the opponent’s jungler with Rakan’s skill ‘Brilliant Appearance (W)’. He blurted out his words, saying, “If I had hit the skill, a kill exchange would have come out, but because I couldn’t, a bad situation came out.”

He revealed that he did not cope well with his opponent’s blitz crank pick in the third set, despite anticipating it. Yoo Hwan-joong said, “The team decided to play Thresh internally. He knew that a blitz crank would come out,” he said.

Gen.G’s complete defeat was unexpected. Many predicted a close match between the two teams. Yoo Hwan-joong said, “I thought all the teams that had survived so far had good skills. It was a situation where I couldn’t be sure who would win,” he said.

He revealed that Gen.G hasn’t been able to perfectly clean up the bottom tier. It’s a meta that looks similar to the end of the spring season, but players had to completely rewrite their ban-pick notes because of the top tank-to-tank composition and Lulu’s tier increase.

Yoo Hwan-joong seemed to be blaming himself throughout the interview, saying that his sluggish performance led to Gen.G’s early elimination along with his ban pick tier. He said, “I came to the stadium with the thought that I really want to win today. I wanted to play the game without regrets, but I have a lot of regrets.”

He said, “Through this competition, I have grown even more as a person, Yoo Hwan-jung,” and “I will return to Korea and prepare hard for the summer season. I want to participate in an international competition once again,” he said. “I’m sorry for showing a bad image. I will definitely show a good image in the summer season 토토사이트.”

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