Ham Seo-hee (35, Team Mad) goes to ‘true education’ for a spoiled junior.

Ham Seo-hee will face Itsuki Hirata (23, Japan) at the Atom level at the ‘ONE FIGHT NIGHT 8’ held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 25th of next month (Korean time).

The two were originally supposed to face each other in November of last year. However, Hirata failed to weigh in the day before the competition and showed no remorse, so Ham Seo-hee did not accept the contract weight match.

Ham Seo-hee pinched the fact that Hirata’s weigh-in failure was not the first. Hirata’s weigh-in and water test failures were the third. In February 2020 and in August of last year, I couldn’t match my weight. On both occasions, he competed at his contract weight and won.

Ham Seo-hee said in a statement posted on Instagram at the time, “This player has already over (exceeded) several times, and even though he did over, there was no word of apology, sorry attitude, or sign of reflection.”

“I think this player is not even basic as a player. It seems that it is habitual for him to try to compete with a penalty after failing to weigh in because he does not like being difficult. , I thought I shouldn’t do that from this time on.”

Ham Seo-hee is a strong fighter who is evaluated as the world No. 1 in the atomweight division. Following Korea Road FC, he also became the champion in Raijin Japan. A total of 25 wins and 8 losses from 33 matches. Since 2017, he has been on an 8-game winning streak.

Ham Seo-hee’s plan is to educate Hirata thoroughly and steal the championship belt from champion Angela Lee. He aims for the triple crown until the Singapore One Championship. 온라인카지노

Ham Seo-hee wrote on Instagram on the 8th, “I will do it again. I hope I can do it this time.” In English, she added, “I’m ready. You make weight.”

Hirata debuted as a pro in 2019 and is a rising powerhouse with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss. He is a former judo player and his ground skills are good. He won two victories by submission.

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