He went back and forth between pitchers and fielders several times. Even after the age of 30, he changed his position. be quite a buy a lotIn his 메이저놀이터 difficult baseball career, the head coach emphasized hope. SSG manager Kim Won-hyung sent a positive signal to batter Ha Jae-hoon (33).

Ha Jae-hoon, who entered the U.S. after graduating from high school, also experienced Japanese baseball before the 2019 KBO League draft. After returning to Korea, he was on the ground as a pitcher and was active with 36 saves and a 1.98 ERA in his first year of the KBO League. He seemed to be successful as a pitcher after wandering.

But injuries were the problem. A shoulder injury has reduced the pitch. After the injury, he did not recover his condition and decided to switch back to batting. Ha Jae-hoon has strong pitching power as a pitcher and long hitter potential as a batter. Last year, his first year as a batter, he hit 0.2156 home runs.

And he has greatly improved his batting average this year. The sample is small with 47 at-bats in 15 games, but he has a batting average of 0.366 until the 21st. After getting on base, he boldly steals the base and injects energy into the SSG lineup. In the first game of the second half of the year against Jamsil LG, he also flew with two hits and two steals in three at-bats.

SSG manager Kim Won-hyung saw that Ha Jae-hoon’s batting average did not just come out ahead of the Jamsil LG match on the 22nd. “I started typing again last year and went to Australia in the offseason. I could see that I got better after I went to Australia. “I felt that I had improved even when I saw him hitting in the camp this year,” he said.

Head coach Kim then said, “The timing has really improved. It is not just the timing of hitting the ball, but the time and timing of dealing with the pitcher and seeing the pitcher’s ball have improved. He’s taking a good hit. He is also good at coping after two strikes. Last year, the strikeout rate was high, but this year, even after two strikes, we set the timing and produce results,” he explained Ha Jae-hoon’s evolutionary point.

He also applauded the active base running play. Regarding his attempt to steal a base right after returning from injury, he said, “I’m worried if I see him sliding too hard when defending. However, I can’t help but slide in the base play. It’s an inevitable part. “After Jae-hoon stole the bases yesterday, he scored and Jae-hoon did a really good job,” he reiterated Ha Jae-hoon’s performance.

The batting order does not plan to deviate much from its current position. When Guillermo Herredia returns, Ha Jae-hoon is placed about seven times. Head coach Kim said, “When Eredia comes, he will enter No. 4 and other batters will go down one by one.” Then, Jae-hoon said, “I think about seven times would be good.”

Meanwhile, Eredia will return home via Incheon Airport later in the day. He plans to join the team tomorrow and decide when to register for the first team after watching the training. Head coach Kim said, “It’s not a long time, but I have to adjust to the time difference and see my physical condition.” “First of all, I will decide when to join while watching him train from tomorrow,” he said.

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