Referee Oh Hyeon-jeong (35) waited for the New Year more than anyone else. This is because the stage he dreamed of while holding the whistle, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, will be held in Australia and New Zealand in July. On the 28th of last month, referee Oh was appointed as the referee for this World Cup. He was proudly included in the list of 107 referees announced by FIFA on the 9th (33 referees, 56 assistant referees, 18 video reviewers).

He is not the only Korean referee who enjoyed World Cup glory. Five Korean referees will participate in the World Cup, including Kim Yoo-jeong (34, referee), Kim Gyeong-min (43), Lee Seul-gi (43), and Park Mi-sook (40, assistant referee). Previously, two players were the most in one tournament.

Judge Oh said on the phone with a reporter on the 10th, “Isn’t it a big slope? America has the most number of referees selected, and the number of field referees is the same as ours. FIFA also acknowledged the ability of Korean female referees.”

Referee Oh’s selection of her for the World Cup became a hot topic among her soccer fans. It was because he was glad to see him playing in the World Cup, which he had become familiar with through his stern decisions and kind explanations of the rules in the sports entertainment program <The Goal Hitters>.

Referee Oh laughed and said, “Today is the recording day for <Girls with Goals>, and they congratulated me, saying, ‘Who will be the referee for <Girls with Goals> if we go to the World Cup?”

Referee Oh kept his promise to himself when he was 3,000 years old in Jeonju, when he first wore soccer boots by participating in this World Cup. He liked ball games more than air games, and his dream was to step on the World Cup stage as a soccer player. When Jang Howon was in high school, he injured his right knee and changed the course of his life. He was a referee who roamed the ground like a soccer player.

Referee Oh said, “I, who had neglected football for a while, became a referee, and in 2015, I became an international referee.

Referee Oh did not explain in detail how he was selected as a World Cup referee. However, if you look at the process introduced by FIFA, after the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) selects candidates, it must go through a thorny path of reducing the number through strict evaluation every year. The amount of exercise is checked with a GPS device to ensure that the athlete maintains a suitable physical condition for the judgment, and the ranking is determined by 메이저사이트 giving points for each game judgment.

Referee Oh said, “Aren’t athletes training with the help of their teammates and coaches?” “However, referees have to walk alone. At the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France, her first challenge, she failed in this part. With the determination that this tournament was the last chance, it worked.”

Oh referee, New Year’s Nouvelle stage may increase more. This is because, at the Korea Football Association referee conference, she announced that she would evaluate based on skills alone regardless of gender this year, and announced a policy to include at least two female referees in the K-League. Last year, assistant referee Kim Gyeong-min was the only one active in the K-League 2 (second division). Referee Oh, who served as the head referee in the K4 League (semi-professional), said, “She passed the association physical fitness test this week, so we are looking forward to becoming the first female referee in the K League.”

She said, “If referee Oh serves as the head judge in the K-League, she will lay the groundwork for the Men’s World Cup to be held in North and Central America three years later.” At last year’s World Cup in Qatar, France’s female referee Stephanie Frapar broke the gold bar for the first time, and her first start was in her home country’s professional league.

“As a referee, my dream was to participate in the Women’s World Cup, but now I want to dream even more. I will be recognized as a referee in Australia and New Zealand, and I will run toward a bigger goal of the World Cup in North and Central America three years later.”

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