Geelong Korea, an Australian professional baseball league team composed of Korean players, has successfully completed 40 games in the 2022-2023 season. Geelong Korea, led by coach Lee Byeong-kyu, recorded 13 wins and 27 losses this season. Geelong Korea said on the 22nd, “Today’s visiting game against the Adelaide Giants ended the 3-month regular season schedule.”

Although the performance is not very important as it is a competition for promising players anyway, it is the best club record ever, better than the 2018-2019 season (7 wins, 33 losses) and 2019-2020 seasons (11 wins, 29 losses), which first entered the Australian Professional League. 메이저사이트

What is more important than grades is confirmation of possibility. Many new players showed off their potential through Geelong Korea.

The ones that shined the most were Chanui Song (LG Twins) and Jaehoon Ha (SSG Landers). Song Chan-eui recorded a batting average of 0.324 (33 hits in 102 at-bats) and emerged as the first candidate for the second baseman competition this season. Ha Jae-hoon hit 11 home runs in 21 games, revealing his potential as a big shot.

Kim Jin-wook (Lotte Giants) has emerged as a strong candidate to compete for a starting spot next season, showing better control and changeup than the pennant race. The speed also rose to a maximum of 146 km/h. Kim Min-seok, who wore the Lotte Giants uniform with the number 3 overall last year, showed off a bat that was not like a rookie, making general manager Seong Min-gyu happy.

Jang Jae-young (Kiwoom Heroes) recorded 10K in 8 innings, the most innings in his professional career and the best pitching. He was also voted the best pitcher of the 6th round. Hanwha’s Yang Gyeong-mo also received favorable reviews by throwing a fastball of 151 km/h, although it was his first debut match after surgery.

There were also surprise events. Koo Dae-seong, the first coach of Geelong Korea, born in 1969, climbed the mound as an active player after four years and set a record as an active professional pitcher in his 50s. Koo Dae-seong, who joined in the 10th round, pitched in 3 games and allowed 1 hit and 2 runs in 2⅓ innings.

The Geelong Korea players, who had a fruitful off-season in Australia, will return to Korea on the 23rd and return to their KBO league teams. Coach Lee Byeong-gyu will also serve as the head coach of the Samsung Lions in the 2023 season.

Geelong Korea said, “We didn’t advance to the postseason, but we had the club’s best performance in the regular season. also did,” he said.

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