He allowed every single hit, and most hits hit the center of the bat. The result was a loss with 9 hits, 1 walk and 4 runs including 1 home run in 5 innings. It was far from the ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto) that many people remember.

However, it is difficult to conclude that it 토토사이트 was a failure, considering that he was back on the big league mound after 426 days after undergoing surgery on his left elbow. Moreover, the opponent was Baltimore, which is running first in the American League with a win rate in the 60% range (66 wins, 41 losses, 0.617 win rate as of the 2nd).

Ryu Hyun-jin showed ‘hope’ and ‘homework’ at the same time as he played a comeback game in the Major League Baseball (MLB) through a home game held at Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 2nd.

The most encouraging thing about him is that he got through 5 innings despite getting a lot of hits. Ryu Hyun-jin was hit with a double through the middle right by lead batter Adley Luchman in the top of the first inning. He gave up two runs first only in the first inning, including a double to left center by batter Ryan Mountcastle and a hit to left by third batter Anthony Santander. In the 2nd inning, he allowed an extra point with a timely hit by the ruffman. His fastball stayed in the early 140km/h range, and his main weapon, the changeup, also struggled as it was driven to the middle.

However, Ryu Hyun-jin reversed the atmosphere by taking out another weapon, the curve, from the third episode. He still gave up a hit every inning, but dazzled the eyes of hitters by throwing a curveball with a good drop. In the 3rd to 5th innings, he endured without losing any points with his unique crisis management ability. In the third inning, he caught Austin Hays on first base with a double hit in front of the second baseman, then struck out looking with an outside four-seam fastball against Gunner Henderson. It was the fastest ball of the day at 146 km/h. Even in the 5th inning, when he faced a crisis with 1 out and 1st and 2nd base due to hits and walks, he finished the inning by catching Hayes with a double stroke in front of the shortstop.

The unfortunate scene came in the beginning of the 6th inning when the score was tied 3-3. In the 6th inning, Ryu Hyun-jin, who was also on the mound, threw a 5th pitch changeup (123 km/h) to Henderson, the lead hitter, and was hit with a 1-run home run. Immediately after the home run, Ryu Hyun-jin came down the mound. Toronto relief pitchers gave up 9 runs only in the 7th to 9th innings, and Toronto eventually lost 3-13.

After the game, Ryu Hyun-jin said, “I was nervous, but it was fun. He is satisfied with just starting and showing that he can throw more than 5 times,” he said. Still, overall it was fine. In the future, the redemption will go up about a mile or two,” he said.

For the changeup, the main weapon, to be effective, the speed of the fastball must be raised. The average speed of his fastball that day was 89 miles per hour (about 143 km). When Ryu Hyun-jin performed at his best, his fastball average velocity was in the late 140km/h range. Ryu Hyun-jin’s next appearance is expected to be an away game against Cleveland on the 8th. Toronto manager John Schneider said, “I am sure Ryu Hyun-jin will get better as he pitches.”

Meanwhile, Choi Ji-man (32), who played for Pittsburgh, was traded to San Diego, the team belonging to Kim Ha-seong (28), on the day of the trade deadline. Choi Ji-man, who made his debut with the Los Angeles Angels in 2016, will wear the uniform of the 6th big league team following the New York Yankees, Milwaukee, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh.

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