Kevin Durant (34, Brooklyn Nets) has let go of the expectations of his teammate Ben Simmons (26, Australia).

Reporter Christian Winfield of the New York Daily News reported on the morning of the 6th (Korean time) that Durant was not satisfied with Simmons’ performance.

From the time Kyrie Irving agreed to leave Brooklyn, Durant’s every move has been focused. In particular, Durant sat on the bench in plain clothes with Ben Simmons at the Barclays Center, his home stadium, but the scene was captured on camera without making eye contact with him. 먹튀검증

This season, Simmons played in 37 games (32 starts) and averaged 27.3 minutes, averaging 7.4 points, 6.5 rebounds and 6.4 assists. This, of course, fell far short of Durant’s expectations.

In addition, Simmons has health problems. He has missed the last four games due to knee pain and is uncertain about his appearance in the match against the LA Clippers on the 7th.

Currently, Brooklyn has a starting lineup that leads to Ben Simmons, Spencer Dinwiddie, Durant, Royce O’Neal (Dorian Finney-Smith), and Nicholas Claxton.

Earlier, Dinwiddie has been playing decently this season averaging 17.7 points and 5.3 assists on a 40.5 percent 3-point percentage (2.6 completions), and Finney-Smith is a great big wing resource, making Brooklyn’s roster colorful.

However, Brooklyn was forced into a situation where it had to run with the goal of winning. Fortunately, Brooklyn left open the possibility of a trade with the future first-round pick obtained in this trade to the Dallas Mavericks.

So, Brooklyn isn’t content with a roster that features Simmons and Dinwiddie as their main ball handlers, and is expected to bolster their roster before the trade deadline approaches.

The most likely trader on Brooklyn’s roster is Simmons, but it looks like they’ll also be vacating one of the Patty Mills-Joe Harris-Seth Curry shooters.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn is 32-20 (0.615) this season, finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference.

Brooklyn is competing for the championship with a gap of only 4.5 games from the number one Boston Celtics. As a result, Brooklyn is paying a lot of attention to what it will do in the future.

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