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The movie ‘Rebound’, a true story of Busan Joongang High School, which overcame the crisis of dissolution and became the runner-up, has been receiving good reviews since its release.

Director Kang Yang-hyun, the real protagonist of the movie, is writing ‘The 2nd Rebound’ at Chosun University, another alma mater after Busan Jungang High School.

This is Reporter Koh Woo-ri.

Chosun University basketball team, the only local university team in the first division of college basketball.

Since last 2019, they have not won a single game and are considered the weakest team in the league.

Recently, a new wind is blowing in the Chosun University basketball team, which desperately needs a victory.

This is because the story of coach Kang Yang-hyun’s Busan Joongang High School days, which overcame the crisis of dissolution and achieved second place, was made into a movie, and attention is also focused on the Chosun University basketball team led by Kang.

▶ Interview: Yoo Chang-seok / Captain of Chosun University’s basketball team

  • “Since we came up that way in an environment as difficult as ours, I also saw the hope that ‘we can do it enough’, and I think I felt various emotions.”

Unlike the past, when there were only 8 players, which made it difficult to recruit players, one of the positives is that the number of available players has increased as 9 first-year players have been recruited this year.

▶ Interview: Koo Bon-jun / Chosun University Basketball Team freshman

  • “I think I will get a lot of opportunities (to play) here and I think my skills will improve while playing games.”

Director Kang Yang-hyun, who became the center of attention with a true story that is more like a movie than a movie, says that ‘rebound’ in the Joseon Dynasty is not an impossible task.

▶ Interview: Kang Yang-hyeon / Chosun University Basketball Team Coach 스포츠토토

  • “Currently, Chosun University players are much better if they take care of their mentality, even in terms of skills. A second rebound may not be like a miracle.” ‘Miracle Protagonist

‘ The Chosun University basketball team, led by head coach Kang Yang-hyeon, is dreaming of another miracle.

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