DK pledged to “do not be discouraged by defeat and learn from defeat to improve further.”

In the 2nd week, 4th day, 1st match of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)’ Spring Split, which was held at LoL Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 28th, Dplus Kia (DK) struggled against T1, winning the first set, but eventually lost. The year ended with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss. Coach Choi Chun-joo and ‘Showmaker’ Heo Su, who were interviewed after the match, evaluated the match, saying, “There were some things that I missed, but I also learned a lot.”

Below is a Q&A with director Choi Cheon-joo and ‘Showmaker’ Heo Soo.

To give a general review of today’s game, 토토사이트

coach Choi Chun-joo: Regarding the result, we are obviously very disappointed because we aimed to win. I’m upset and upset, but I think I was able to clearly see what parts I lacked and what I lacked. I think you need to be well-trained and prepare diligently.

‘Showmaker’ Heo-soo: The opponent did a really good job with various picks. He was not too discouraged and thought that he should learn from this defeat and improve further.

What was lacking in today’s match?

Coach Choi Cheon-ju: There are many things, but one thing that comes to mind most is that the winning plan is different when we play against each other, pretending to have long arms and short arms. The short side has to fight well somehow and win the game based on engagement power, but I think we were lacking in that part.

‘Showmaker’ Heo Soo: The angle was really nice in the 3rd dragon teamfight of the 2nd set, but I came in too early. It’s a pity that if I did well then, I would have won easily. If I do it again next time, I think I will have to work harder because I don’t think it’s an opponent I can’t beat.

I banned Caitlyn in the 1st set, but I think I was embarrassed to see supporter Kalista in the 3rd set

. Isn’t Ryu “Keria” Min-seok famous for using various champions as supports? It was lacking by a margin, and the team members were all experienced players, so I wasn’t embarrassed.

What was the most difficult part while playing with T1? ‘Showmaker

‘ Heo Soo: It was very difficult when team fighting near objects. In the area of ​​framing, I felt that we were a team with excellent ability to punish us when we used excessive turns.

Please tell us specifically what part of today’s game you rate positively.

Director Cheonju Choi: In preparing for a match, we are preparing various compositions starting from the ban-pick. I liked the ability to lead the line battle or game within this structure.

Chaumet: First of all, we matched the team for a long time to become a team member, and each individual is really good at the line and it is a team that does not have any major disadvantages. I think it’s a positive thing today because I thought that if I practiced with a good direction, I could become a strength regardless of T1 in the future. It was a game to look forward to.

Even though a lot of distance dealers were banned in the 3rd set ban pick, the distance dealer came out as a support. Do you think this is normal?

Director Choi Chun-joo: Teams may have different opinions, but the bottom is the most important meta. When you bring a specific champion first, it is relatively easy to bring the atmosphere of the game if you organize a combination based on that champion. That’s good for our team, but I’m not sure what other teams will think.

There have been questions about how quickly DK will be able to rise in sum with the roster change. You said that the sum is coming up quickly, but in terms of percentage, how far are you currently compared to what you want

? I can’t tell you specifically, but there are several things that don’t work. Cohesion includes the communication part, ban-pick synergy, and each person’s thoughts when teamfighting. Today, when Kassadin had a triple kill, I think it was a scene that came out because our sum didn’t match well. Since I still lack a lot, the only thing I can think of is that I have to work harder.

The next opponent is Zenji. How do you evaluate Gen.G and what points do you plan to prepare for?

Manager Choi Cheon-joo: Despite the roster change, I think it is a strong team with a very well-balanced team. When we first started practicing, some players showed a little uneasiness, but speaking of the early league or scrims, they are very restrained when we look at their recent performances in competitions.

‘Showmaker’ Heo Soo: First of all, I think that Genji is a team that is as strong as T1. I will make up for the unfortunate part today so that I can win the next match without disappointing the fans.

Lastly, if there is anything you want to say,

Director Choi Cheon-joo: I am upset about the results, but when I look at the breathing part, I think there are many things to be gained by thinking positively. Based on what I gained from today’s defeat, I really want to take revenge in the second round. The fans may be upset today, but I hope they will cheer for me a lot.

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