Korea patch completed A 90-degree folder greeting from a foreign pitcher brought a smile to the face of 20-year veteran Captain Jung Woo-ram.

Before the game between Samsung and 메이저사이트 Hanwha at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, South Korea, on Feb. 2, Ricardo Sanchez, who was out in the outfield for a training session, saw Jung and raised his hand to give him a high-five.

Hanwha is coming off a 10-4 win over Samsung Electronics in Daegu on April 1, its eighth straight win in 18 years. Sanchez started the game and earned the win with six innings of five-hit ball, striking out five and walking one.

Literally, a “win fairy. Ricardo Sanchez, who joined the team as a replacement for Smith, who was released due to injury, has quickly integrated into the team and adapted to the KBO perfectly.

The previous day’s win gave him his fifth win of the season, and Hanwha has now won nine of his last 10 starts and hasn’t lost a game.

Earlier in the day, Moon Dong-ju was caught on camera giving a 90-degree folder greeting to Choi Jae-hoon. Moon started the first game of the weekend against Samsung and pitched six innings of three-hit ball to give the team its seventh straight win in 18 years.

As the youngest member of Hanwha’s roster, the second-year pitcher has gone out of his way to help two foreign players, Ricardo Sanchez and Nick Williams, adjust to life in a new country.

His polite young manlike demeanor and the fact that Sanchez is a foreign pitcher who has watched and learned from him is enough to inspire admiration.

In addition to his excellent pitching, Sanchez’s good chemistry with his teammates made fans’ hearts melt.

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