Choi Min-jung (Seongnam City Hall), the representative of the Korean short track speed skating women’s national team, won her first gold medal in the individual event at the International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup this year. This is a valuable result achieved overcoming the controversy over the team’s leader selection process.

Choi Min-jeong recorded 2 minutes 26 seconds 536 in the women’s 1500m first race final at the 5th ISU Short Track World Cup 2022-2023 season held in Dresden, Germany on the 4th (local time). She took first place, ahead of Christine Santos-Greez World (2:26:570) of the United States and Courtney Saro (2:26:591) of Canada.

Last month, the 31st Winter Universiade was on the rise. Choi Min-jung was the only one to win four gold medals in the competition at the time.

In particular, she was not shaken by the measles in Seongnam City Hall’s selection of leaders. Seongnam City Hall held an open recruitment of coaches at the end of last year, and Viktor Ahn (Korean name Ahn Hyun-soo), who was naturalized as a Russian, and former head coach Kim Seon-tae, who served as the head coach of the Chinese national team, applied. Controversy grew as some domestic leaders objected.

Accordingly, Choi Min-do, together with the players of her team, issued a statement about her position and appealed for a fair selection. In the end, Seongnam City Hall did not select anyone.

Nevertheless, Choi Min-jung showed off her health. Choi Min-jung, who won her three silver medals and one bronze medal in her 1st to 3rd World Cup individual events, finally reaped her first gold medal. .

Choi Min-jung saw an opportunity in her early mid-table. With 4 laps to go, Choi Min-jung’s characteristic out-course sprint was performed. Kim Kun-hee (Dankook University), who she competed with, came in 5th place (2:26:954).

On the same day, in the 2000m mixed relay, Choi Min-jeong won a silver medal with Hong Gyeong-hwan (Goyang City Hall), Kim Gil-ri (Seo Hyeon-go), and Lee Jun-seo (Korea National University of Physical Education). At the end of the game, Italy won the come-from-behind championship (2:39:388), while Korea took second place with a time of 2:39:514.

In the men’s 1500m first race, Lee Jun-seo (2:28:291) and Lim Yong-jin (Goyang City Hall, 2:28:773) won the gold and bronze medals, respectively. Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall), who won three gold medals in the first and fourth competitions, took first place in the men’s 1000m final with a time of 1:23:231. Lin Xiaojun (Korean name Lim Hyo-jun), a naturalized Chinese citizen, was eliminated in the men’s 1000m quarterfinals. 먹튀검증

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