Son Jun-ho, a member of the South Korean national soccer team who was detained at Shanghai Airport on March 12, has been placed under criminal investigation. His temporary detention, which can last up to 37 days, expired yesterday, marking the transition to a custodial investigation, and it appears that he has entered the judicial process. 토토사이트

Reporter Kim Kwan.

Local sources have reported that China’s public security forces have not released Son Jun-ho without charge, but have switched to a custodial investigation.

It appears that the judicial process has begun.

The charge he is facing is solicitation of non-state agents, meaning he illegally received money in connection with his work.

The case is related to a Shandong club where the coach and players are currently under investigation by authorities for match-fixing.

Son’s agent, who is believed to be a key figure in the case, was also arrested and taken into custody on June 6 on the same charges as Son.

Jürgen Klinsmann
“I want Son Jun-ho to know that we will always support him and stand behind him.”

While the national soccer team, which convened for two trials on the 16th and 20th of this month, has shown its support by including Son in its roster, the situation is not easy.

안전놀이터순위 The Korean Football Association has also sent its staff and lawyers to China, but they have returned home without any income for the past five days.

According to the local Criminal Procedure Law, the process is expected to take a considerable amount of time, taking more than two months from the time of detention through reinforcement investigations to prosecution.

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