Another problem broke out in curling, where national team members such as women’s curling ‘Team Kim’ fluttered.
It was confirmed that the Korea Curling Federation had been paying for the president’s vacancy since the beginning of the year, and the salary of the executives and employees had already been borrowed from outside for four months.
The serious thing is that this is not the only problem.
This is an exclusive report by reporter Kook Young-ho.

After the PyeongChang Olympics, the Korean Curling Federation was in crisis and the women’s curling team, ‘Team Kim’, was resurrected by winning runner-up for the first time in history at the World Championships last year.

▶ Interview: ‘Team Kim’ / March 30 last year

  • “Fighting!”

The support of then-Chairman Kim Yong-bin, who took charge of the Korea Curling Federation two years ago, where controversy over infighting and abuse of power continued, also played a role.

▶ Interview: Kim Yong-bin / Former President of the Korea Curling Federation (2021)

  • “From now on, we will set up our federation right so that the federation can always produce good news.”

However, it went back to square one when Chairman Kim, chairman of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, suddenly resigned from the position of chairman of the curling federation amid controversy over corporate poor management.

First of all, it was revealed as a result of MBN coverage that the federation’s ‘storehouse’ paid employee wages through external borrowings for four months from September of last year to December.

  • “I borrowed every month, because after that, sponsorship could come in, so I waited and if it didn’t come in, I borrowed again, and if it didn’t come in, I borrowed again.”

The bigger problem is that the Senior World Championships in April this year and the World Curling Federation General Assembly in September will be held in Korea, but this year’s business plan has not even been presented.

I need about 800 million won to play the world championship, but I haven’t been able to secure even 1/3 now, and for some reason, I’ve only received 110 million won from the government subsidy.

Table tennis of a similar size was compared to receiving 700 million won for hosting the Asian Championships.

▶ Interview (☎): Domestic curling officials

  • “As the federation’s office has shown incompetence in terms of management, such as attracting donations and operating, I think personnel renewal is an urgent priority.” 메이저놀이터

The federation delegates who were worse off convened an extraordinary general meeting yesterday to come up with countermeasures, and appointed Vice Chairman Han Sang-ho as the next president to resolve pending issues.

Attention is focusing on whether the Curling Federation, which has been on the chopping block again due to repeated problems, will be able to transform itself.

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