There are a lot of changes in the 2023 LCK spring, but the most noticeable externally is the change in the announcer, who is like the mascot of the LCK. Announcer Lee Jung-hyun was removed from the announcer system of Lee Jung-hyun and Yoon Soo-bin, and new faces such as Ham Ye-jin and Bae Hye-ji joined.

Announcers Ham Ye-jin and Bae Hye-ji are receiving reviews that they are getting better every week, although they are only about a month old and lacking a lot. I could hear their strong aspirations and determination for the LCK.

Q. Since this is your first time, please introduce yourself briefly.

Ham Ye-jin: It is said that Ham Ye-jin announcer joined from the 2023 season. She still lacks a lot, and she is happy to be interviewed.

Hyeji Bae: She joined from this spring split, so please take good care of her.

Q. What did you do before joining the LCK?

Ham Ye-jin: She was working at a general office worker company, and while she was thinking about her new career path, she prepared for a broadcast job. She is currently also a newscaster, and this time she joined the new LCK announcer.

Hyeji Bae: She was building her career, such as KBS Weather Caster and Live Commerce, and this time she joined the LCK.

Q. You must have been very unfamiliar with e-sports. What was your image of e-sports?

Bae Hye-ji: I have experience hosting the Royal Prince’s Song League. She didn’t have a relationship with her after that, but then she went to see the summer finals last year and it was so much fun. So many people gathered together to enjoy the game, and I felt that e-sports had become a culture. After experiencing the scene myself, I thought it would be nice if I could enjoy it as well. So when I heard the news that I was joining, I felt so good.

Ham Ye-jin: She loved playing games since she was little. I started LOL in 2016, and I quit because the entry barrier was high, but after crossing the entry barrier, I’m working hard enough to enjoy 6-8 hours in one place once I start. Her older brother likes to play games, so she learns a lot and goes to internet cafes with her friends.

Q. The position of enjoying and the position of broadcasting are different. How did you feel when you were chosen as an announcer?

Hyeji Bae: At first, she was a bit scared and afraid. The friends I played with were really worried about me. They made fun of the kid who nailed the ward properly to the bush to see if he could do well (laughs). However, I thought that being able to enjoy the game even as a bronze player like me could help create a culture by intuition and having fun together. I also thought that there must be fans who support the fear and fear that comes from the challenge. I am learning a lot by watching a lot of interview videos and analysis desk videos of announcers who have been active so far.

Ham Ye-jin: I enjoyed playing games, but playing and broadcasting are very different. As LoL Champions has a history of 10 years, I think it is daunting to study many things in a short period of time. There are still many things I lack, but announcers Yoon Soo-bin and Bae Hye-ji helped me a lot and gave me advice on how to study. I also watch player broadcasts to learn about champions and the history of LoL.

Q. What was the most difficult thing while studying?

Hyeji Bae: There were many things that were too natural for people familiar with LoL Champs and unfamiliar to me. Personally, I’ve tried Ash support, but I’m the one who only used the bow as instructed (laughs). However, in the game, it was very strange that Keria meticulously checked the field of view with Ash.

I am in the process of figuring that out. Also, fans use a lot of memes, but I don’t know memes very well yet. KBS, where I work as a weather forecaster, is a public broadcaster, so there are some awkward parts because I rarely use memes or abbreviations. Now, I am studying separately what is the hot issue of this team and what is the meme of the players. It gives me a lot of strength because there are fans who see things like that. I feel that there is so much to learn.

Ham Ye-jin: The LCK has a very long history, but as announcer Bae Hye-ji said, it was difficult to learn abbreviations or jargon. There are quite a few times when you can’t understand abbreviations or jargon from the viewer’s point of view. At times like that, I ask my acquaintances, and I also look at the players’ wiki.

Q. What is the reaction of the fans?

Ham Ye-jin: I heard a lot of bad reactions. I heard that I was lacking, so I think I can show a lot of things by improving in the future. I hope you give me a little more time and support me. During the Lunar New Year’s Day league, I wore hanbok and the fans gave me the nickname ‘Yejin-ah’. It’s a favorite nickname. I want to push ‘Ye Jin Ah’ (laughs).

Hyeji Bae: We look at the reaction to the interview through YouTube comments. Among the comments so far, the most memorable one was the response that ‘the voice is as loud as the fish market’. She was probably too excited to actually meet the players as she went into the interview, so she couldn’t control her tension.

Originally, it was higher, but lately I’ve been holding back a bit. Personally, while observing the LCK, I felt that it was a festival where fans were together. I’m going to do an interview with such fans’ feelings. Also, the fans gave me the nickname ‘Wanpan noona’, but I’m not sure what it means (laughs). And each player has a different personal charm. The tension seems to have risen because I want to bring out the charms of the players in the interview, and I want to create an interview where the players can shine. 메이저놀이터

Q. How much do you enjoy rolls? Tierna, what is your main position?

Hyeji Bae: I only played regular games for about 4 years. My current rank is Bronze 4. I mainly play jungle and play a lot of nocturnes.

Ham: I haven’t played the ranked game yet. I play a lot with my friends in regular games. When I first learned the role, it was difficult to adjust the range a lot. So when I was playing a bot duo with my older brother, he told me to take 6 laps with Malphite and only use my ultimate. Then, during the filming, I saw PD-nim as a Seraphine supporter, and Seraphine looked so fun. I want to try Seraphine Support.

Q. What is the most memorable thing after joining the LCK?

Ham Ye-jin: My first interview with ‘Closer’ was memorable. In the confrontation between Hanwha Life and Liv Sandbox, there were many people who predicted that Hanwha Life would win, but in the end, Liv Sandbox won and I think the sandstorm started from then. At the time of the interview, I remember the bright smile that made me happy and excited. It’s also regrettable that she doesn’t seem to have pulled that part out more.

Hyeji Bae: I remember dancing with T1 ‘Keria-Kumayushi’. Before she started, she asked the ‘Keria’ player if she could dance the high lip boy. She appealed that she had even practiced to dance together. But when she actually went into the interview, it was memorable that she said she would dance OMG.

The players are really very grateful for all the active interviews. It is also memorable that ‘Canyon’ danced with ‘Deft’. Thank you so much for responding.


Ham Ye-jin: I feel like I am improving little by little. At first, I was very nervous, it was difficult to interview the players, and the process was clumsy. It is a period where she adjusts to being on air as she relaxes.

Hyeji Bae: I really enjoy coming to Roll Park. I hope more fans come and enjoy it a lot. I think I have to ask what the fans want, and I’ve been busy adjusting myself, but now I’ve become a little closer with many people, and I feel like I’m adapting to the atmosphere, so I have anticipation that I can do better in the future.

Q. Is there any content you are greedy for?

Hyeji Bae: I really enjoy watching Tongue Tutors. However, if I were to appear in person, I would like to go to Lol Night and bring out the talent of the players a little more. ‘Dangoon’ and ‘Huni’ are doing well, so I’m enjoying it. If I can go out myself, I have the confidence to make it a party. To the point where everyone couldn’t fall asleep (laughs).

Ham Ye-jin: I want to go to Tongue Tutors. It was so much fun that I watched it holding my belly button. I still have a no-fun character image, but I want to show off my talent. And personally, I definitely recommend Hyeji unnie for roll night (laughs).

Q. If you go to an international competition, who would you like to meet?

Bae Hye-ji: Rather than a foreign player, I want to meet ‘Pyo-sik’. I want to ask if you ask for the ceremony well, if you’re doing well in overseas adaptation, if you don’t miss the LCK.

Ham Ye-jin: I am also a ‘Pyosik’ player. I want to see ‘Pyo Sik”s Lee Sin ceremony.

Q. Any advice from announcer Subin Yoon?

Bae Hye-ji: The word that helped me the most while preparing was ‘You must know all the real names of the players’. In fact, when I interview players, there are many cases where I talk with my real name rather than ID, so it was really helpful.

Ham Ye-jin: Even on days when there were no broadcasts, he always came to the scene and helped. Announcer Soobin Yoon continued to help me by asking why this scene was important, what comments or questions to ask, and what the fans were curious about. And she organizes the comments made by announcer Soobin Yoon and sends them directly to her group chat room. She feels a lot of what kind of words she is saying in certain scenes while watching such things.

Q. What are your future plans?

Ham Ye-jin: I think I’ve only shown a lacking side of myself, so I’ll work hard to prepare and work hard so that I can pick up the parts that fans are curious about and become a bridge between fans and players. Because the important thing is to have an unbreakable heart. I want to stay with the LCK for a long time.

Bae Hye-ji: I prepared hard before the league, but there are many things I couldn’t show you. I will prepare hard with affection for the players.

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