are looking for resources to compete for positions with Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Liverpool have been performing below expectations this season. Even before the opening, it was considered a strong favorite for the championship along with Manchester City, but in reality it is only 8th. The competition for the championship has collapsed, and even the competition for 4th place is difficult. In the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), they were eliminated in the round of 16 and are having a sluggish season. 온라인바카라

Several reasons were pointed out as the cause of the sluggishness. First of all, competitiveness in the midfield has weakened. Thiago Alcantara missed a lot of times due to injury, and Jordan Henderson and Fabinho were clearly less competitive than in their prime. Navi Keita and Artur Melu were of little help. Stefan Bassetich and Harvey Elliott struggled, but still needed to grow.

The defense also received a lot of criticism. Joe Gomes was still insecure and Virgil van Dyke was suspected of underperforming. Ibrahima Konate and Yoel Matip also failed to show satisfactory performances. Alexander-Arnold was also the subject of criticism. The attack power, which was a strength, fell, and the defense power, which was a weakness, was pointed out. France and Chelsea legend Frank Leboeuf said that Arnold’s defense is at the level of the second division.

As this situation continued, opinions were raised that Arnold should be used as a midfielder rather than a fullback. Steve Nicol, who played for Liverpool in the past, said, “I want manager Jurgen Klopp to use Arnold as a right midfielder. He doesn’t have many options. Why don’t we use Arnold as a right midfielder? “I know Arnold’s defense is not good. Being in midfield, he doesn’t have to defend much. I think it’s a more comfortable position for Arnold. It’s not a gamble from Liverpool’s point of view. Is there a big difference from other players?” He urged a change of position.

Despite receiving much criticism, Arnold has consistently been responsible for Liverpool’s right wing. Because he had no suitable replacement. Besides Arnold, Calvin Ramsey is the only resource in the current Liverpool squad that can be called a specialist right-back. However, Ramsey is 19 years old and lacks the skills to write as a starter, and is currently out due to injury.

Arnold, who would have been somewhat relaxed in the absence of competitors. But he may have to strain from next season. This is because Liverpool are aiming for the right full-back resource. Transfer market expert Dean Jones told British media ‘Give Me Sports’, “I heard that Liverpool are looking for resources to compete with Arnold.” He’s also previously said that Liverpool are interested in signing Ajax’s Devin Lens, even naming specifics.

Recently, Liverpool gave up on the scout of Jude Bellingham, and instead revealed their position that they would reinforce several positions.

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