An Ansan Greeners promotional car has appeared in Ansan City.

Ansan announced the launch of a promotional vehicle to promote the club and home games through a press release on the 24th.

Ansan will operate the promotional car this season with the support of the Myers Ansan store located inside the club’s home stadium, Wah~ Stadium. The promotional car is equipped with the club’s image and home game schedule and operates in downtown Ansan, including Jungang-dong downtown street, Wongok-dong multicultural street, Sangryoksu Station, and Hanyang University Erica. It runs two days before the home game and meets the people of Ansan in the evening from 6pm to 9pm.

The goal is to visit the people of Ansan to introduce the team and communicate with them so that they can feel familiar with the team. Ansan plans to run the promotional car throughout Ansan until November 10, the last game of the season 스포츠토토.

“We are working in many ways to make sure that even one more person knows and is interested in the Ansan Greeners and comes to the stadium,” said Lee Jong-gul, CEO of Ansan. “This is a great opportunity to reach out to the citizens directly, and I hope that more Ansan citizens will come to the stadium in the future.”

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