England’s 5th division club followed Son Heung-min’s (Tottenham) ‘click ceremony’. However, the possibility of the team and Tottenham clashing in the FA Cup Round of 16 has increased.

The English Football Association (FA) drew the 2022-2023 English FA Cup round of 16 draw on the 30th (Korean time). Tottenham’s opponent was decided as the winner of the match between 5th division Wrexham and 2nd division Sheffield United. 먹튀검증

According to a report by the British media ‘The Sun’, Rexham and Son Heung-min already have a relationship.

The Sun said on the 31st, ‘Son Heung-min is a fan of Rexom. Now he can face off in the FA Cup’. What kind of story is it that Son Heung-min is a fan of Rexom?

Wrexham’s Elliot Lee said, “My friend Tom Lockyer plays for Wales. He was a teammate of Ben Davies (Tottenham). Davies said Heung-Min Son is a Wrexham fan.”

Lee recalled, “So we asked if we could send a message to Son Heung-min. After receiving permission, we asked Son Heung-min if we could follow his ceremony. After we scored, we performed Son Heung-min’s ceremony.”

Wrexham and Sheffield drew 3-3 on the 30th. They will have a rematch on February 8th. Here, Tottenham’s opponent is confirmed.

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