Korean Air, the all-professional men’s volleyball champion, captured all three internal free agents (FA).

On the 18th, Korean Air announced that they had signed free agency contracts with apositive spiker Lim Dong-hyuk, middle blocker Cho Jae-young, and setter Yoo Kwang-woo.

Lim Dong-hyuk, who obtained FA qualification for the first time after his debut, signed a contract for up to 1.5 billion won for 3 years (annual salary of 350 million won and an option of 150 million won).

Lim Dong-hyeok did not get a chance to play often this season due to his position with foreign striker Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln), but he scored 278 points with a high attack success rate (56.59%).

Im Dong-hyuk said, “I am happy to be able to re-sign with a great coaching staff, excellent players, and strong club.”

Cho Jae-young signed up to 1.218 billion won in 3 years (annual salary 300 million won, option 106 million won), and Yoo Kwang-woo signed up to 756 million won in 3 years (annual salary 170 million won, option 82 million won), respectively. did.

Cho Jae-young expressed his feelings, “I will continue to contribute to the championship in the future,” and Yoo Kwang-woo expressed his determination, “I will help to build a stronger team.” 스포츠토토

Korean Air achieved three consecutive years of unified championships, including the regular league and championship finals last season, and achieved a ‘treble’ (three crowns), including winning the professional volleyball cup.

Korean Air put the meaning in that “by signing contracts with all FA target players, we can hope for a combined championship again next season.”

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